Explore our distinctive and generously sized Slouch sofa collection. Designed for the ultimate experience in comfort and crafted to add a timeless elegance to any home, the Slouch range is the perfect choice for any modern family.

The informal style and supreme comfort will make your living room the ultimate destination for relaxation, and with a wide choice of colours and sizes, you will be able to effortlessly find the ideal design for you. The Slouch features a stunning angled arm profile and a flanged pillow edge. This leaves you with a comforting but tailored style that looks as welcoming as it feels.

add to wish listLarge Split Sofa In Fabric - SlouchLarge Split Sofa In Fabric - Slouch
Berber MidnightTabby PlatinumDusk Slate
£1869.00 was £2,205.00

add to wish listMedium Sofa In Fabric - SlouchMedium Sofa In Fabric - Slouch
Dusk HarissaTabby CloudBerber Oyster
£1749.00 was £2,065.00
add to wish listSmall Sofa In Fabric - SlouchSmall Sofa In Fabric - Slouch
Dusk SlateDusk IndigoBerber Midnight
£1649.00 was £1,945.00

add to wish listSnuggler In Fabric - SlouchSnuggler In Fabric - Slouch
Dusk HarissaTabby CloudDusk Mole
£1269.00 was £1,495.00
add to wish listLarge Swivel Chair In Fabric - SlouchLarge Swivel Chair In Fabric - Slouch
Tabby CloudDusk IndigoDusk Cinnamon
£1119.00 was £1,319.00

add to wish listCombi Stool In Fabric - SlouchCombi Stool In Fabric - Slouch
Dusk MarbleTabby CloudDusk Indigo
£549.00 was £649.00