Guarantee & Care Guide

Thank you for choosing to purchase your new furniture from Fishpools. This guide will help you care for your investment and prolong its life.


-General Upholstery Care
-Leather Upholstery Care
-Cabinet Furniture
-Care For Cabinet Furniture
-Bed & Mattress Care
-Fishpools Guarantee

General Upholstery Care

General Care
Gently brush or vacuum your upholstery at least once a week. Accumulated dirt will increase wear and dull the colours. Do not perch on the arms or front edge of the seat, or allow children to use it as a trampoline!
Spots and spills should be dealt with as soon as they happen by dabbing with a clean absorbent cloth. If your upholstery is protected under a stain warranty, refer to the separate guarantee and cleaning advice.
Abrasion & Snags
Avoid sharp objects like buckles which can cause snags. If they occur don't
pull them, just cut them off carefully with scissors. Don't allow animals on your furniture, and be aware that heavy clothing such as denim can be very
Sunlight & Heat
Do not position sofas and chairs close to heat sources or in prolonged sunlight since this may cause excessive fading of colours and ageing of the fabric.
Cushions & Zips
Reversible cushions should be turned and rotated regularly, with seams squared up to give even wear. Feather and fibre filled cushions must be turned and plumped to prevent flattening.
Open and close recliner mechanisms with care and never force them. It is normal to have gaps between the actions to allow free movement and avoid abrasion. The finish won't look as tailored as non-reclining sofas.
Dry clean upholstery, unless the label says that it can be washed. We recommend
cleaning at least once a year and it's best left to specialist companies.

Leather Upholstery Care

For full details of what to consider when buying leather, please refer to our Sofas Buying Guide available in store or online. Colour variations, creasing, scars and natural marks are inherent features of all leathers, especially Aniline. These are considered part of their charm and should not cause concern.

Protected Leather
Dust regularly with a soft cloth and occasionally clean with a mild soaping agent. Rinse with clean cold water and wipe off with a dry cloth.

Waxed, Semi and Full Aniline Leather
These leathers are sensitive to spills and oily substances including hand and hair oil. We advise applying a protection cream prior to use and on a regular basis as instructed. This will increase durability and resistance to stains, spots, grease marks and spillages. Avoid using general polishes, creams or detergents.

We offer a selection of specialist leather cleaning and care products in store and online.

For further information, please refer to the "A Guide to Your Leather Purchase" leaflet enclosed in your welcome pack.

Cabinet Furniture

The term "Cabinet" covers dining, occasional & bedroom furniture available in a variety of materials and finishes.

Man Made
Describes foil and melamine furniture, which provides durability and is easy to care for.

Real Wood
Solid natural wood or natural wood veneered pieces are characterised by imperfections and shade variations. They can be finished in a variety of ways including wax, oil and lacquer. Each piece is unique and matures with age. It settles as it gets used to a new environment.

Marble & Stone
The natural veins, pores and colour variations of marble and stone are not defects, but characteristics that make them one of a kind. Polished or not, the finish may vary from one piece to another, and some filling may be required.

This is naturally porous sedimentary rock. Some of the open pores may be filled during finishing. Dark veins may randomly occur.

The hardest and most regular stone, granite's colour and surface are mostly consistent although natural intrusions are possible.

Care for your Cabinet

Cabinet Cleaning, please establish the finish of your product before you start.

Hard wearing lacquers give maximum protection. For best results first wipe with a damp cloth then buff with a soft, clean, dry cloth. Overuse of aerosol and wax polishes will create shiny patches and build up a wax on matt and semi-matt finishes which will be hard to remove.

Waxed Finishes
Wipe up any spills immediately and only remove stains/spots when the surface is dry. Always use a dry cloth, never damp.

Oiled Finish
Use a clean dry cloth or a damp cloth well wrung out in soapy water. Dry off immediately. If the surface becomes dull, an appropriate oil can be applied. Hand-waxed or oiled finishes may absorb stains that can be removed by re-waxing or re-oiling. Don't let the surfaces become too dry. Use a specific cloth for your furniture and don't contaminate it with soaps or detergents as these may damage the hand finished surface.

Clean with damp cloth only, make sure the surface is wiped dry. Do not use detergents.

Steel and Aluminium
Clean thoroughly with a wrung-out cloth soaked in soapy water. Dry well to avoid the risk of rust and discolouration.

General Care
Do not put hot plates or dishes on an unprotected surface. Wipe up spills immediately. A full-size table felt pad is a worthwhile investment.

Positioning Your Furniture
Avoid extreme changes in room humidity and never place furniture directly next to a heat source. All timber finishes can alter when exposed to light. Pine tends to darken whilst cherry may lighten. The position of objects on the surface should be changed regularly especially in the first year to avoid noticeable patches. Periodically check the tightness of the legs.

Bed/Mattress Care

General Servicing
Turn mattresses weekly for the first eight weeks then monthly after that. Be sure to turn top to bottom and rotate end to end. The materials used in your mattress are designed to conform to your body's contours and settlement of the fillings is to be expected. Note: Some mattresses, for example memory foam, may not require complete turning but should still be rotated end to end monthly. The drawers with a drawer divan are designed to hold lightweight items such as linen and are not to be overloaded.

Mattresses may be lightly brushed using a soft brush. Using a mattress protector provides additional insulation, minimises the effects of soiling or spillage and helps the removal of dust and dust mites.

General Care
Never fold or bend the mattress as this will distort the spring unit, as will sitting on the edge of your mattress for long periods. Check that legs and castors are fully tightened. Beds should not be used as a trampoline by children!

For further information, please refer to the "A Guide to Your New Bed/Mattress" leaflet enclosed in your welcome pack.

What can you do to help?

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Our 3 Year Furniture Structural Guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our furniture and provide a 3 Year Structural Guarantee. This protects against defects that may arise through faulty workmanship subject to our Terms of Sale on the back of your sales order form and listed below:

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Our guarantee covers:

The frame, castors and castor blocks, springs and spring units, webbing, and metal action units.

Cabinet Furniture
Timber, veneers, structural stability, handles, catches, moving parts and interior lighting.

Spring units, memory foam and latex mattresses, all fillings (subject to normal settlement), bed frames, divan frames, drawers, slats, and castors.

Exclusions and Terms & Conditions:

1. Proof of purchase is required and is the responsibility of the purchaser.

2. This Guarantee does not include normal 'wear and tear', misuse or damage including staining, excessive soiling, abrasion, tears or burns. Whilst every care is taken in careful selection of upholstery fabric – this Guarantee does not cover wear and tear and the fading of covering materials unless due to manufacturing faults, as no fabric manufacturer will accept liability for the same.

3. The Guarantee is not transferable and is valid from the date of delivery.

4. Consistent with meeting its obligations under the Guarantee, Fishpools reserve the right to undertake the least cost option to itself. This may first involve trying to rectify the problem, arranging for the unsatisfactory merchandise to be replaced, or replaced with a suitable alternative, or refunding part or in some instances the whole of the original purchase price.

5. If goods are exchanged or a total refund is given, the goods deemed faulty revert to the ownership of Fishpools.

6. The amount of any claim under the Guarantee shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise.

7. The Guarantee does not extend to non-domestic usage nor to goods which are taken outside of the UK.

8. The Guarantee may be invalidated if the purchaser does not follow or carry out proper care procedures in accordance with this leaflet or the manufacturers' recommendations, or where the product has been adapted or altered or used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed.