It is very important that you understand the normal characteristics of your new bed/mattress and how these features may present themselves after delivery. Following these care instructions will prolong the life of your purchase.

On receiving your new bed/mattress carefully remove all packaging and allow it to breathe for four hours before fitting bedding. This will allow any moisture that may have been trapped by transit packaging to evaporate and the new aroma to subside. The new aroma is very normal and will soon fade if aired regularly.

Do not be concerned should your mattress appear to be shorter than its divan. This is due to the springs and fillings contracting during transit and storage. Once in use it will gradually return to its correct size.

Your new mattress may seem a little strange at first, but the chances are the springs/upholstery in your old one are not what they used to be, so allow some time for your body to adjust to your new mattress and for the fillings to settle.

Fishpools mattresses have generous layers of upholstery and areas where body weight is concentrated will compress as the materials bed.

This can lead to body impressions, which are perfectly normal and should not cause concern.

Turning the mattress will minimise natural settlement, but not eliminate it completely.

Settlement is quite normal and should be expected, this includes memory foam mattresses.

Remember to turn your mattress over as well as end-to-end.

NB. non-turn mattresses still require rotating from end to end only.

Useful information

Turn the mattress frequently.
We recommend weekly for the first three months and monthly thereafter.

Air the mattress regularly.
This will help upholstery recovery and moisture to disperse.

Use a mattress protector.
To protect your investment and increase the mattress life.

Do not roll, bend or fold the mattress.
This could distort the spring unit.

Do not bounce or sit repeatedly in the same area.
This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress.

Do not use detergent or chemical cleaners.
This may rot the stitching and fabric

Do not overload drawers in storage models.


Before use, wash your pan to remove the protective anti-tarnish coating. Pre-season your pan with a small amount of cooking oil.

Extremely high temperatures can discolour and damage. Do not allow any flame beyond the base of the pan.

Use only wood, plastic or rubber utensils and hand wash only. Never pre-heat an empty pan or allow it to boil dry.

Do not try to cool the pan by immersing in cold water.

The handle may become hot during use, so the use of an oven glove is recommended.

Use the pan on a range unit of corresponding diameter. This is particularly important when using on an induction hob.

The copper finish may darken over time due to natural oxidisation. A copper cleaner may retain and restore the original shine.


Thank you for choosing to buy your new furniture from Fishpools. This leaflet explains what is required from you, to ensure that we can deliver your new furniture as safely as possible.

Entry. Unfortunately we will not enter your property unless a responsible adult is present for the whole duration of the delivery/fitting.

Route. Please ensure that both the room and the route through your property are clear for our delivery/assembly team. They should be easily accessible and free of obstacles.

Floors. You are responsible for making sure that the flooring within the desired room is level and ready for the assembly to take place. In order for freestanding furniture to sit and operate at its best, we recommend sitting it on floorboards/floor and not carpet. An uneven floor will make furniture appear to be substandard which is not the case.

If installing on carpet we recommend that you remove the carpet gripper in the area where your new furniture will stand, failure to do so can cause your new furniture to lean forwards.

Assembly. When measuring your wardrobe space, please allow sufficient clearance in the height and width around the furniture (10cm for walk in wardrobes) to allow connection of the top and side panels.

The assembly team will try and level your new furniture as best as possible, depending on the floor condition, packing strips etc will be used.

When loaded, wardrobes can settle over a period of time causing doors to become out of alignment. Any request for a revisit will be on a chargeable basis. Do not attempt to move your furniture once assembled as this invalidates your warranty.

During assembly, no curtain poles or electric sockets (or other fixtures) can be moved or cut around by our team.

Failure to follow this advice could result in our team being unable to deliver/fit your new furniture. Any charges would not be refundable

Self Assembly. If opting for self assembly, we would advise that you take into account all of the above points before you start. We suggest that you check all parts against the fitting instructions and contact us should you have any queries/missing parts. You may wish to purchase or have available packing strips to enable you to level your base before full assembly.


Please note that Garden covers only come with a 1 year Guarantee


Please note that Garden Parasols only come with a 1 year Guarantee


Finished in high gloss lacquer, this table will exhibit light ‘buffing’ marks in the surface that is perfectly normal and unavoidable in this type of finish. This is more evident in bright light with reflection.

This is more evident in bright light with reflection.

Kyoto Planters

We advise using a waterproof liner and pot to prevent any spillage and rusting over time


It is very important that we point out and that you understand the normal natural characteristics of leather upholstery and that it is quite possible that these unique features will be present on your new furniture when it is delivered to you. These features are appreciated and enjoyed by discerning owners of leather upholstery.

Healed scars, variations in graining, wrinkles, veining and differences in tone are all quite normal and proof of the natural origin of leather.

‘Puddling’ of seats will occur with use, with the stretching of leather and settlement of the interiors. It is recommended to rotate use of seating areas to maintain an even appearance.

Fibre filled cushions require ‘dressing’ and ‘plumping’ after delivery, as settlement may have occurred during shipment. Cushions then need to be ‘dressed’ regularly to maintain the furniture’s appearance and prevent flattening of the fibre filled interiors.

Leather can be sensitive to oily substances to include normal hand and hair grease. We suggest wiping over arm pads and head cushions, especially on high-backed reclining furniture, with a damp cloth on a weekly basis to help prevent discolouration. Please see reverse for further details.

‘Waxed’ and full ‘Aniline’ leathers will mark to give an ‘aged authentic’ look. Due to natural variations in the manner in which the dye is absorbed into these leathers, it may show significant variations in shade and texture on the same hide. It is therefore not always possible to achieve a uniform match between adjoining panels.

Waxed and full aniline leathers have little or no surface protection. They absorb moisture and breathe, hence their very soft, glove-like feel. If you have any concerns regarding suitability of waxed/full aniline leathers, a collection of protected leathers are available.

Dye transfer may occur from certain items of clothing, which is particularly noticeable on lighter colour leathers - some clothing nowadays is not as colourfast as years gone by i.e. jeans - this problem is not a fault of the leather furniture.

Below are some useful care and maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your investment. A 5 year Guardsman Warranty for total peace of mind is available to purchase on leather furniture and includes a free leather care kit. Alternatively a range of recommended cleaning products are available at additional cost. Please ask for details.

Protected Leathers

Periodically dust your furniture with a clean, dry, soft cloth.
For stains from soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, oil, grease, cosmetics, foundation cream etc remove any excess liquid from the surface by wiping with a cloth or absorbent paper. With a clean cloth, soaked in a mild solution of water and neutral soap, gently rub the stain from the outside inwards. Do not soak the leather surface and dry immediately with a clean cloth. Do not dry the leather in sunlight or by using a hairdryer. Use only water and neutral soap.

Waxed & Aniline Leathers

Periodically dust your furniture with a clean, dry, soft cloth.
For dried soiling: gently brush with a very soft brush or gently clean with a vacuum cleaner.
For stains from soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk or marmalade: remove any excess liquid from the surface by wiping with a cloth or absorbent paper. With a clean cloth, soaked in a mild solution of water and neutral soap, gently rub the stain from the outside inwards. Do not soak the leather surface, and dry immediately with a clean cloth. Do not dry the leather in sunlight or by using a hairdryer.

For stains from greasy substances (oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate): gently remove the excess substance from the surface with absorbent paper, taking care not to press, so as to avoid the substance becoming ingrained in the leather’s pores. With a clean cloth, soaked in a mild neutral soap solution, gently rub the stain from the outside inwards. Dry immediately with a clean cloth. Use only water and neutral soap.

General Tips

Avoid placing your furniture close to heat sources, such as heaters or radiators.
To maintain the leather’s natural colour, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or powerful lamps.

The use of non-recommended cleaners could irreparably damage the leather, causing cracks and discolouring.

Markings such as grain variation, wrinkles, skin folds, scars or patterns of original hair follicles are inherent in leather. They are not quality defects.

Aniline leather is beautifully crafted and is very lightly finished without compromising its natural characteristics. Therefore natural markings and colour variations are highly visible.

Scar marks.
Including scrapes and/or bruising..

Colour variation.
Occurs during the dyeing process as the different parts of the hide absorbs the dye in varying amounts.

Neck lines.
Are mild creases typically found in the neck and shoulder area where loose skin is located.

Insect bite marks.
Such as ticks, mosquitoes and other bug bites show themselves as a tiny spot.

Is a technique for marking cattle so as to identify the owner.

Grain variation.
Is due to the leather being obtained from different parts of the animal, therefore creating an inconsistency in the grain pattern.

Care instructions: Avoid placing your sofa in direct sunlight or under intense indoor light. Dust regulary using a soft, dry, white cloth. Blot spills immediately with a clean absorbent cloth and allow to air dry.


Please check all lighting goods thoroughly before booking an electrician for fitting. We highly advise fittings are only booked once you have received and checked the item. Any issues must be advised within 7 days of receipt, please keep all original packaging.


Marble is a type of stone that has been created via the recrystallization of time. This process has taken a period of up to 200 million years.

Colours and patterns have been created by nature and therefore no two sections of marble are the same. Considerable differences can exist in the colour, distribution and pattern. Every single genuine marble table is a masterpiece of nature.

Marble is a porous material but each table has received a varnish treatment so the surface is resistant to grease and dust etc. This varnish can become scratched, however the marble continues to retain its original colour.

Maintenance is simple: the surface should merely be washed with a mild soap solution. Marble should never be exposed to solvents such as thinners, cellulose materials or acids etc.


Features of this range include variances in grain and colour which are completely standard for this product. Hairline cracks, irregularities and knots are normal, unique characteristics.

The timber constantly responds to its environment and some splitting will occur.

Colour variations may also be evident between these hand-finished pieces.


Please follow the fitting instructions supplied. Check goods before arranging to fit and advise us of any issues within 7 days of delivery of goods. In the event of a problem, please retain the original packaging

Please note: Items delivered via Mirrors Direct Home Delivery will be dispatched directly from our supplier to you. There is a £25 cancellation fee for unwanted Direct Home Deliveries.


When purchasing hand-painted art, slight variations in colour, texture and overall appearance may exist. As each piece is individually hand-crafted, every artwork is unique.

As this is an original piece of art, where recycled materials or embellishments have been used you may find traces of them in the packaging. This is normal and the artist will often use excess material with the understanding that some may work loose in transit.

Hand-painted art may be susceptible to fading or discolouration over time if not properly cared for. We recommend displaying your artwork in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight or moisture, and avoiding contact with liquids or chemicals that may damage the painting.

The artist retains all copyright and ownership rights to the original artwork. Purchasing original artwork does not grant any reproduction or distribution rights. The original artwork is intended for personal display purposes only and should not be reproduced, resold, or used for any commercial purposes without obtaining proper authorisation.


The cushions for this range are stored underneath the furniture in transit and may be creased on delivery, these creases will disappear with time and use.

A natural characteristic of the rattan weave is that it stretches and contracts with the heat and its environment and any slight changes in shape are not defects.

The cushion covers can be removed and cleaned in a cool 30 degree wash using fabric detergent only - refrain from using fabric softener, as this can remove the shower proof coating that your product has.

Dry naturally only - Do not tumble-dry, this may cause your covers to shrink.


This collection is manufactured from reclaimed timber.

Due to of this and the age of the timber,movement may occur and slight gaps and cracks may appear. As the timber is reclaimed it means that different types of wood may be used to make up one piece. Colour variation is also standard with this product.

This is the nature of this type of furniture and is not something to be concerned about. It is worth remembering that the timber has previously been used to build bridges, housing supports and old barns.


Resysta is an extremely durable and sustainable fibre-reinforced hybrid material and made of rice husk, rock salts and mineral oil. This composition makes it environmentally friendly as well as extremely resistant to sun light, rain, snow or salt water. At the same time it is easy to maintain and barely differs from wood in appearance.

The surface has a 2K lacquer coating to prevent colour loss which can be retreated with an appropriate colour and protective finish when time to renew in approx. 3-4 years. Simply prepare the surface by lightly sanding prior to any new paint being applied and finishing with a 2K lacquer protector.


Each item in this collection is unique and carefully handcrafted. Each individual root is scooped out to reveal more of the end grain. Over 80 hours of skilled craftsmanship goes into producing this intricate design.

As no two tables are ever the same, the beauty of owning one of these exquisite tables is to have a totally exclusive and unique piece of furniture in your home.

Splits in the roots, small cracks, movement, lifting, cracking, knots and natural imperfections are normal characteristics, including chisel and saw marks that are common characteristics of a hand-crafted natural product.

The roots are FSC compliant and are sourced from managed forests.


Each item in this collection is unique and carefully handcrafted, sourced from the ancient abandoned Indonesian teak plantations. As no two tables are ever the same, the beauty of owning one of these exquisite tables is to have a totally exclusive and unique piece of furniture in your home.

Please note:
Splits in the root, small cracks, movement, lifting, cracking, knots and natural imperfections are normal characteristics, including chisel and saw marks that are common characteristics of a handcrafted natural product.


This is an exceptionally hard water area.
Mineral deposits can build up on Stainless Steel Cutlery and Cookware causing tarnishing.
The main cause of this is when left to dry in a dishwasher.
Ideally Stainless Steel items should be removed before the drying cycle and polished dry by hand. If any tarnishing should occur use of a Stainless Steel Cleaner will remove this.
Spout, lids and sides should be wiped clean regularly.



Teak wood has a natural appearance and develops a beautiful silver-grey patina when exposed to the elements over time. Scratches, dents, cracks, knots are inherent in recycled teak and does not have an impact on the lifespan.
Normal use of the product will result in small hairline cracks and openings appearing in the wood; this does not detract from the quality or the durability and adds to the charm of this product.


Crushing and shading of velvet and chenille fabrics will normally occur.

Vacuum your furniture gently using an upholstery attachment to keep on top of dust and dirt. You can also shake, move and turn your velvet sofa seats and cushions every month or so to avoid favourite spots becoming wrinkled.

Velvet tends to mark when it bears weight for long periods. While this is normal, you can minimise marks by switching your favourite spot now and then to spread the weight more evenly. Alternatively, brushing and steaming the material will also help restore the pile and maintain that luscious shine.