Our Green Journey

For over 125 years Fishpools has been at the heart of the community, offering high quality products and first class service. As part of our genuine care for our customers of today and customers of the future, we’re on a journey to reduce the environmental impact of our business. Discover the steps we’re taking on our Green Journey and together we can make a difference.

Proud to be Carbon Neutral Plus certified

Over recent years we have been doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and we are delighted to confirm that we have been officially recognised as a Carbon Neutral Plus retailer.

So, what does this mean? Without getting too technical, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are divided into Scope 1 Direct Emissions - within an organisation, Scope 2 – Indirect Emissions – from energy used, Scope 3 – Other Indirect emissions beyond our control. This assessment of CO2 usage covers all of scope 1 and 2, plus much of scope 3.

How are we achieving this? The Carbon Footprint calculation looks at various measurements for CO2 usage. Being carbon neutral means offsetting carbon emissions to ensure that we take as much carbon out of the environment as we put into it which is within our direct control. Carbon Neutral Plus takes this even further, meaning we are taking enough positive action that we are contributing to an overall reduction in CO2.

Greener Operations

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Renewable Energy

We buy 100% renewable electricity from Pozitive Energy, which results in net zero CO2 emissions.

Reuse & Recycle

We’re reducing the amount of paper in our business, and the paper that we do use is from sustainable sources. We’ve also upgraded to smart printers to help manage our paper and ink usage.


We’re on the way to replacing all of our lighting to LED equivalents, which use 65% energy than traditional fluorescent lights. Plus, we’re installing motion sensors to cut back on unnecessary use.

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Greener Deliveries

We’re working hard to make our operations and deliveries as green as possible and we’re proud that our vehicles are now more fuel-efficient than ever. Our delivery team use clever re-routing software to plan their journeys, finding the most efficient routes to reduce our overall milage and fuel consumption. We have new fuel-efficient vehicles joining the fleet every year, and this year we’re going to run an electric vehicle trial.

We recycle tonnes of cardboard, plastic and polystyrene each year. All our refuse and store waste is sorted and recycled, along with any cardboard and plastic that we remove from our customers’ homes. In fact, we’re working hard to reduce our plastic usage overall throughout our operations. We’re carrying out a packaging audit so that we can use less plastic, minimise wastage and find eco-friendly alternatives for our packaging materials.

Tree Planting

We want to positively impact the environment both locally and globally, so we are proud to support projects planting trees locally in the UK, as well as those reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation to protect the Amazon - the largest remaining rainforest on our planet. The UK trees are planted locally across school grounds, parks, woodlands and other biodiversity sites, providing wildlife habitats and often bringing educational and community benefits. Recently we visited a local primary school in Cheshunt and joined the children in their forest school session, where together we planted 40 trees.

Recycle your old furniture

Fishpools and Clearabee have partnered to provide an affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly furniture collection service. Book online for on demand collection. As part of our commitment to reducing waste, we want to make it easier for you to remove your unwanted pieces by having them responsibly recycled by our partners Clearabee.

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Ever tried to measure your own Carbon Footprint?


Don’t know where to start? Get some tips on reducing your own Carbon footprint!

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