Complaints Procedure

If a consumer believes they have not recived the appropriate level of service or quality of goods that they have contracted for, the first step is to contact the Fishpools Customer Service team. The contact details can be found here.

  • According to the nature of the issue, the resolution could range from a repair, a replacement or a refund in accordance with consumer rights and what is considered a fair remedy.
  • The evidential mechanism for this typically involves a Fishpools service technician or a third party independent technician visiting the consumers property and inspecting the nature of the issue. Where possible, a first visit repair will be attempted, and a report will be returned to Fishpools customer service department who will then identify the most appropiate resolution or next steps.
  • This is a practical method to resolve issues quickly and fairly, with no further remedial work or communication required. At this stage Fishpools will typically communicate with customers to explain that the service issue is resolved.
  • Should the Fishpools Customer Service department feel unable to resolve an issue, Fishpools will typically refer to a service manager as a final confirmation that we have treated the customer fairly.
  • Should both parties fail to agree a mutually acceptable resolution and neither party feels that they should concede, Fishpools will recommend that consumers consult The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman and if necessary, The Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Every attempt will be made by Fishpools Ltd to resolve the issue fairly and as practically as possible.