When it comes to choosing dining room furniture, one of the most important pieces you’ll have to choose is the right dining table design. A dining table is one of the biggest parts of any dining room, and something that will get used every day.

But how do you chose the perfect dining table? And how do you choose between a rectangular dining table or round dining table?

Fear not, we’re on hand to help.

Square dining tables

A square dining table is a contemporary dining table choice that helps encourage conversation and make meals cosy and intimate. If there are only a few of you dining together, a large rectangular dining table can make dining feel cold and distant – whereas a square table will really help everyone have a sense of closeness.

Bremen Grey square dining table

Bremen Grey square dining table

However, having a square dining table isn’t always the most logical solution – especially if you need to seat more than four people. Once you move past the first four dining companions, fitting more around the table becomes a challenge.

Usually, the way to do this is to expand the size of the table – but this quite quickly becomes impractical. Larger square dining tables take up too much space, and what was once a small distance between guests can become a large gulf.

Extending dining tables

But if you do need to seat more guests, why not look into a square extending dining table? This can be a good idea for those that usually only have four around the table, but may sometimes need to have more around the table for special occasions.

Pluto extending dining table

Pluto extending dining table

If you do choose a square dining table, be aware that the sharp edges might need to be softened, aesthetically speaking. Curved and comfortable dining chairs can help a square dining table seem less imposing. Something like our Calligaris chairs will work well to achieve this effect.

Decorative accessories can also help soften the dining table. Round bowls piled with fruit, or a curvaceous vase filled with flowers can really help balance the angles of the square table and make the space seem less imposing.

Missano Grey round dining table

Missano Grey round dining table

Round dining tables

A round dining table is perfect for those who want to encourage conversation amongst family and friends. Dishes are always easy to reach, and there’s no hierarchy to the table. Everyone has a good spot, and conversation flows naturally and easily. Extending round dining tables, like our Rochester Grey Extending Round table are also ideal for accommodating all sizes of crowds.

As with square dining tables, the problem with round dining tables is when you need to seat more than four people.

In order to comfortably fit more than four, a round dining table starts to become quite large. And once the diameter has increased, the distance is further apart and conversation becomes less easy. While you’re still able to see each other, your dining companions will feel far away.

A space saviour

Round dining tables really excel in small spaces, as the soft edges help to make the room feel bigger, and allow you to manoeuvre more easily around the space. Try and aim for a pedestal base too, as they offer more legroom and the singular pedestal visually takes up less space.

If you’re really super tight on space, why not consider a table with a glass top? Solid table tops can visually occupy a lot of space but, rather than shrinking the table and reducing its usable size, go for a glass top instead.

Glass table tops can make the room feel open and airy without compromising on style or table size. They also bring the focus onto the table leg(s), which can act as a statement.

Glass Dining Table

Our Java dining table is a prime example of this. The glass table top allows all of the focus to appear on the unique root table base, making a statement but also freeing up the visual aspect of the room.

If you’re not a huge fan of glass table tops, another option to maximise the space is to use transparent chairs – like our Louis Ghost Chair Crystal – to help create the illusion of more space.

Rectangular dining tables

When it comes to rectangular dining tables, we definitely have you spoiled for choice. With over 150 styles to choose from, from the industrial inspired Colossus dining range to the effortlessly contemporary Vesta dining collection, so there’s no doubt you can find the perfect one to compliment your space.

Valentini rectangular dining table

Valentini rectangular dining table

Rectangular dining tables are often the most popular choice, as they can easily fill out a space without taking up too much room. There is a functionality aspect to this style of dining table as they can easily be placed against a wall, which will save you room whilst still having enough space for all your family and friends.

The Artemis is a stunning unique design, and with its modern legs means it could easily be moved against the wall to save space, or placed in the middle as the glorious centrepiece.Rectangular dining table

As we have already mentioned, rectangular dining tables can offer you easy style and functionality but what’s more is that they’re also the perfect dinner party piece (food not included).

Dinner parties can bring your closest friends and family together to enjoy a wonderful evening. It can also be a great chance to show off your new table! If you enjoy hosting dinner events, then our Amarna dining table could be the pick for you. Its statement concrete effect top and stainless steel leg make it a modern centre-piece that will work in a wide range of interiors. The Amarna also has an extending dining table option that means hosting extra guests can be done easily.

Amarna dining table set - Fishpools

If you’re still struggling on which dining table style would work best for you and your home, why not take a visit to our store and be inspired? We’re open seven days a week, so there’s plenty of time to drop by and make discover your perfect dining room staple.