Brightening up an unloved or uninspired living room is all about ensuring your living space has some natural interplay between light and shadow. As the sofa is one of the key furniture pieces in your living room, cleverly placing accessories in the surrounding space will create highlights and lowlights which positively appeal to the eye.

Here are a few inspirational ideas for how sofa accessories can brighten up your living room:


Lightingsofa accessories

This may seem like an obvious recommendation, but lighting is a hugely effective way to brighten up your living room. A single ceiling light in the centre on your room will only add a small amount of light to your living room.

So as a starting point, consider adding one light fixture to either side of your sofa; these can be wall lights, floor lamps or table lamps. You have the freedom to create an atmosphere, depending on the purpose of your living room, by playing with shadows created by the shape of your sofa.

Different lights create different atmospheres, so you can suit your lighting to compliment your lifestyle. Adding wall lights around your sofa will create a great space for work or entertainment. On the other hand, placing a low lit floor lamp next to your sofa will create a calming atmosphere to read, unwind and relax.

Lights hold huge influence over atmosphere and moods so explore the confines of your living space to find the best solution for you!


Throwssofa accessories

It may seem like a minor addition, but finding the right coloured and textured throw to accompany your sofa can really brighten your living room.

Depending on the colour scheme of your space, compliment your sofa with a bright, pastel or neutral coloured throw to add a dash of personality to your room.

Consider sofa accessories, such as throws and scatter cushions, just as you consider extra components to your day to day outfits. For instance, jewellery, bags and hats etc. Apply the same style thinking to your living room interior by adding a textured layer to your sofa with a throw. As a bonus, they are great to cosy up to with the family on a relaxed evening in.


Rugssofa accessories

Certain types of flooring, such as dark coloured carpets, dark hardwood or laminate floors, can make your living room appear dark and more confined. Although these flooring types are a common staple look for contemporary homes, they can drain a lot of light from your space.

Lightly coloured modern rugs infuse character and individuality into your room, whereas patterned runner rugs are a simple way to add texture and break up the dark coloured flooring.

Rugs accompany your sofa by framing the surrounding space and cementing it as the foundation of your living room. So, as you plan your next design steps, explore how rugs can influence the airiness, space and light in the room to create a bright and fresh space to suit your style.


Occasional chairsofa accessories

Bring vibrancy and luxury to your living room by accessorising your sofa with a companion. Brighten your living room by placing an occasional chair in the darkest corner of the room.

An occasional chair will be welcomed in most living rooms. When browsing for the right chair for your space go bold with colours, consider styles that compliment your sofa, and then think outside the box for textures like velvet or wool. These three elements combined into an occasional chair will add personality and flare to your living room, giving it a new lease of life.


Scatter cushions
sofa accessories

Cushions are a staple part of any living room. They have the same effect as artwork does when it is hung on a wall. Cushions add life and personality to your living room, turning your house into a home. With such a broad range of cushions available, there’s no doubt that you will be able to find the best cushions to brighten up your living space.

Mix a variation of sizes, styles, fabrics and patterns to add drama to your sofa, just ensure they all meet the same colour scheme. To add focus to your sofa, mix cushions of different colours with patterned cushions, such as jewel tone cushions or botanical cushions.

No matter your style, cushions can showcase your personal tastes. Scatter cushion arrangements are very unique since you can pick and choose the right collections for you. When you add a throw and scatter cushions to your sofa, you’ll be surprised on how much it transforms your living room and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t added them sooner!


Mirrorssofa accessories

Positioned correctly, mirrors are a golden gem for adding space and light to your living room. Create an open feeling to your living space by positioning leaner and cheval mirrors around your sofa. These large contemporary mirrors add texture to your room, since the position of the mirror will reflect the existing objects in the living space. In this case, a mirror can reflect your sofa with the cushions and throws.

However, this does depend on which angle you place the mirror at. If you are unable to place a mirror in angle of the sofa, try placing a wall mirror above your sofa. This will dress your sofa and emphasise its frame and position in the room, again cementing its position as the staple furniture piece.


Faux plants

sofa accessories

Create a sense of freshness in your living room by including the beauty of nature in your interior.

Enjoy the appearance of fresh flowers all year long with a selection of faux plants placed around your living room. While faux plants won’t smell like the real deal, their lifelike colours and textures will give your home a brightening boost. Balance out other colourful sofa accessories that you have already added to your living room by positioning neutral indoor plants on the side tables next your sofa.


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