Positioning the furniture and décor in your living room is an essential part of the home design process. Placing different items in different spots can give your living room a completely different look and feel – and the good news is that the number of configurations you can choose from is virtually endless.

With that said, the best living room layout ideas focus on a few key interior design rules to produce striking results. Knowing how to design your living room furniture layout allows you to create a cosy and inviting space that still makes your home feel fresh and new.

In this guide, we’ll share our favourite living room setup ideas to inspire you.

Classic furniture placement styles

Arguably the most important of all living room layout tips is to use a trusted method to design your space. Start with the largest furniture pieces like sofas, bookcases and display units first, and orient them towards your living room’s most noticeable feature, such as a fireplace, mantel, gallery wall, bay window, or TV area.

Avoid positioning large furniture pieces in front of light sources to keep your living room bright, and place smaller seats and chairs adjacent or opposite to the larger pieces. Lastly, position decorative items like accent furniture pieces, side tables, standing lamps and coffee tables, ensuring that each seat is placed close to a tabletop for convenience.

blue fabric u shaped sofa

Small living room layout inspiration

Small living rooms need a more strategic furniture arrangement to make the most of the space they have to offer. While many people instinctively place their furniture against the walls and in corners to save space, this can create a disharmonious composition and make the room appear even more cramped.

We recommend placing all your furniture towards the centre of your small living room to create an intimate yet roomy ambience. Furniture pieces like extending dining tables, dining benches, sofa beds like our Zest Corner Sofabed, and compact chairs will also help to ensure that your space looks smart and welcoming without sacrificing seating or movement space.

Fabric sofa bed

Flexible and moveable living room layouts

Regardless of whether your living room space is ample or limited, there’s no reason to bind yourself to a single interior layout. Invest in lightweight, compact, modular and comfortable furniture pieces like the Sapphire U Shaped Corner Chaise and the Portofino Power Recliner Corner Group and move them around to suit the occasion at hand.

Place extra chairs, Ottomans and footstools in empty spaces and corners that can easily be moved into your seating area when needed or used as additional tables on a whim. Make use of your wall space with shelving solutions like the Varenna Wall System that keep display items from using up valuable space. Keep your furniture layout simple, functional, and versatile and you’ll always be ready to entertain.

Varenna wall system

Living room layout ideas to promote socialising

If you want to transform your living room into a social haven for relaxed conversations with friends, family or even clients, your furniture layout needs to make conversing as effortless as possible.

You can achieve this by placing your seats and chairs towards the centre of the room, and positioning them so that they face one another, creating a social circle of sorts. Be sure to invest in a spacious coffee table and a few of our Gabriella Foot Stools to place in the middle of this circle. This will ensure that everyone is comfortable and refreshments are always readily reachable.

small storage footstool in grey

Build a customised layout

Fishpools’ quality living room furniture is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and fine fabric, leather, microfibre and velvet finishes to help you create fully personalised pieces for your home. Our diverse selection of customisation options allows you to tailor every piece of furniture and home décor to your tastes. Mix and match between collections, colour schemes, textures, and interior design styles – it’s completely up to you.

3 piece power recliner sofa

Craft your perfect living room layout with Fishpools

Fishpools offers everything you need to transform the most social room in your home. Shop our range of premium living room furniture online and use the inspiration above to make your living room feel brand new. Or visit our showroom in Hertfordshire to view our extensive collection of living room furniture.