Table & Floor Lamps

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Fishpools’ range of table and floor lamps is second to none in terms of quality, elegance and style. Each lighting piece offers a unique artistic character that will look fantastic in any living room, dining room, bedroom or office space.

Browse our range to find high quality table lamps, floor lamps, desk and bedside lamps, tube lamps and more, in an array of styles that ranges from antique to bold minimalism. Choose from a range of fine colours and finishes to match your lighting to the décor of your home and create an inviting ambience at any time of the day.

Fernando Crystal Floor LampFernando Crystal Floor Lamp
£269.00 was £354.00
Avadi Table LampAvadi Table Lamp IN STOCK
£375.00 was £489.00

Carton 4 Ball Black LampCarton 4 Ball Black Lamp NEW
£105.00 was £120.00

Dotty White Gold Table LampDotty White Gold Table Lamp IN STOCK
£155.00 was £175.00

Duke Tall Mirror Table Lamp Black IN STOCK
£129.00 was £150.00
Elk Table LampElk Table Lamp
£129.00 was £141.00

Fantasy Ceramic BaseFantasy Ceramic Base IN STOCK
£139.00 was £150.00
Fantasy ShadeFantasy Shade IN STOCK
£26.00 was £30.00

Felix 6 Light Floor Lamp Black & Satin Brass IN STOCK

Hilo Smoke Floor LampHilo Smoke Floor Lamp IN STOCK
£459.00 was £656.00

Jarvis Ribbed Clear Touch LampJarvis Ribbed Clear Touch Lamp IN STOCK
£45.00 was £49.00
Bacall Blue Slubbed Shade 14Bacall Blue Slubbed Shade 14 IN STOCK
Available in 1 sizes
From £39.00

Bacall Silver Slubbed Shade - Laura AshleyBacall Silver Slubbed Shade - Laura Ashley IN STOCK
Available in 2 sizes
From £34.00
Elizabeth Ceramic Base - Laura AshleyElizabeth Ceramic Base - Laura Ashley NEW

Milly Mouse LampMilly Mouse Lamp IN STOCK
£39.00 was £49.00

Monkey Bronze LampMonkey Bronze Lamp IN STOCK
£89.00 was £101.00

Monty Mouse LampMonty Mouse Lamp IN STOCK
£39.00 was £49.00
Planets 2 Globe Marble Gold LampPlanets 2 Globe Marble Gold Lamp IN STOCK

Radd White Marble Table Lamp Grey Shade IN STOCK
Ridley Tempered Glass Table Lamp Satin Brass IN STOCK

Roam Lamp Green Gold BaseRoam Lamp Green Gold Base IN STOCK
£253.00 was £264.00

Roam Shade IN STOCK
£36.00 was £41.00

Ronan 3 Floor Lamp Black BrassRonan 3 Floor Lamp Black Brass NEW
£149.00 was £162.00
Ronan Desk LampRonan Desk Lamp IN STOCK
£65.00 was £79.00

Salvo Smoke Touch LampSalvo Smoke Touch Lamp NEW
£55.00 was £65.00
Statten Antique Brass Table Lamp Cream Shade IN STOCK

Swoop Floor Lamp
£209.00 was £240.00

Triple Touch Crystal LampTriple Touch Crystal Lamp IN STOCK
£95.00 was £109.00

Uzra Smoke Glass Table LampUzra Smoke Glass Table Lamp IN STOCK
£149.00 was £156.00
Wally Whippet LampWally Whippet Lamp NEW
£139.00 was £169.00

Wild Ivory Shade NEW
£46.00 was £53.00
Wild Lamp Ceramic White BaseWild Lamp Ceramic White Base IN STOCK
£189.00 was £198.00

Carris Chrome Table LampCarris Chrome Table Lamp IN STOCK
£285.00 was £412.00

Fernando Crystal Table Lamp
£149.00 was £203.00

Elk Floor LampElk Floor Lamp
£395.00 was £412.00
Carris Chrome Floor LampCarris Chrome Floor Lamp IN STOCK
£515.00 was £750.00

Accord LED 2 Floor LampAccord LED 2 Floor Lamp IN STOCK
£525.00 was £546.00
Accord LED 2 Table LampAccord LED 2 Table Lamp IN STOCK
£199.00 was £214.00

Columbus Chrome Crystal Floor LampColumbus Chrome Crystal Floor Lamp IN STOCK

Columbus Chrome Crystal Table LampColumbus Chrome Crystal Table Lamp IN STOCK
Crucible Table Lamp French GoldCrucible Table Lamp French Gold IN STOCK
£119.00 was £150.00

Hilo Iridescent Chrome Floor LampHilo Iridescent Chrome Floor Lamp
£449.00 was £656.00

Hilo Smoked Chrome Table LampHilo Smoked Chrome Table Lamp
£179.00 was £259.00

Piano Antique Brass Table LampPiano Antique Brass Table Lamp Under Half Price
£109.00 was £276.00
Reflex Black & Copper Floor LampReflex Black & Copper Floor Lamp IN STOCK
£185.00 was £272.00