Mirrors are so much more than functional items for your home. When chosen carefully, they can add style, sophistication, and beauty to any space, while also helping to reflect and diffuse light for a bright and airy look.

Fishpools offers a wide selection of mirrors to choose from, ranging in style from classic and industrial to modern, contemporary, glamorous, and more. Our mirrors also come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes to help you find the perfect fit for every room in your living space.

Read on as we detail how to choose a mirror for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and occasional space – and every other room in between!

Types of mirrors  

There are many different types of mirrors that you can find in our collection online. They include:

  • Free standing mirrors. Free standing mirrors usually have built-in stands or frames that allow them to stand on a floor or even surface without being mounted or supported. These mirrors can help to add a stately look to bedrooms and entryways and are useful for ensuring that you look good from head to toe.
  • Wall mirrors. Wall mirrors are hanging mirrors which can be mounted on any wall of your choice. They can be displayed alone as a functional element, or clustered together for a unique and exciting look. Wall mirrors come in a wide range of sizes to suit every space; round mirrors like the Stockholm Round Wall Mirror are a classic choice.
  • Full length mirrors. These mirrors come in several variations, including free standing mirrors and mounted mirrors. Full length mirrors can be displayed on walls or doors as you prefer and provide a complete view to help you ensure that you always look and feel your best.
  • Dressing table mirrors. While often more compact in size, dressing table mirrors can be installed on top of an existing dressing table or come built into a dressing table for your convenience. Either way, they are exceptionally helpful when it comes to doing hair and make-up and getting ready for the day.
  • Illuminated mirrors. Illuminated mirrors boast built-in lights that make for a more functional reflective surface. Not only do they add shine and interest to the space in which they are placed, but the additional light is handy for personal care purposes and darker interior spaces.
  • Mirrored wall art. This mirror type combines classic reflective surfaces with unique shapes and formats to create beautiful art pieces for your modern home. Mirrored wall art helps to diffuse light throughout your living space while adding visual interest and charm, making for unique décor that will get everyone talking.

What style mirror should I choose?

Are you looking for the perfect mirror for a specific area of your home? There are many different styles available in our collection:

  • Industrial. Industrial mirrors offer a unique unfinished look that will complement rustic and industrial interiors. They are usually crafted with metal and wood and may have exposed rivets or hardware to accentuate the style. These mirrors complement homes well but can also add a striking look to business and retail spaces.
  • Glamour. These mirrors add plenty of shine and sophistication thanks to high-sheen metallic accents, embellishments, crystals, and ornate frames and designs.
  • Contemporary. Contemporary mirrors boast a sleek, modern look and often feature clean lines, unique shapes, and geometric accents. They can be used to enhance a variety of settings, including homes and professional spaces.
  • Classic. These mirrors, such as the Pisa Wall Mirror, will suit virtually any setting thanks to their timeless designs, elegant looks, and quality frames. Classic mirrors can range from simple to highly ornate, depending on your preferences and needs.
Pisa Wall Mirror

What frame finish should I choose?  

Next in our mirror buying guide is choosing your frame.

Mirror frames come in a diverse selection of materials and finishes, including but not limited to metal, glass, mirror framed, wood, and resin. All these options offer durability and style, so your choice primarily comes down to your own personal tastes and preferences.

You can also choose between plain and bevelled mirrors. Plain mirrors offer a simple, flat edge, while bevelled mirrors have angled edges which have been polished to create a smooth, elegant, and reflective surface. Bevelled mirrors, like our Cattelan Italia Hawaii Bevelled Mirrored Glass Wall Mirror, are often considered to be more stylish than plain mirrors, and help to effectively diffuse light and create a brighter and airier ambience.

Cattelan Italia Hawaii Bevelled Mirrored Glass Wall Mirror

What shape and size mirror should I choose?

There are many different mirror shapes to choose from, including rectangular, round, square, oval, geometric, and irregular shapes. Knowing how to choose a mirror will depend on your interior décor style and which option will best suit your space.

When it comes to how to choose a wall mirror size, different orientations will suit different spaces depending on the dimensions of the room and the intended purpose of the mirrors. An overly large mirror may overwhelm a room, while one that is too small may fail to make a visual statement, especially when placed in a spacious area. Interior design experts recommend that your mirrors should be around two thirds of the width of the objects they hang above, if applicable, and that they should be positioned at eye level in most cases.

What colour should I choose?

Fishpools’ collection of mirrors includes a number of different colours and finishes to choose from, ranging from natural woods and metal tones to bright, subtle and neutral colours and more. When it comes to how to choose a mirror in the right colour, you can be as creative as you wish!

Opt for a bright colour for a pop of zest or choose a hue that will complement and enhance your existing décor. It’s entirely up to you.

Mirror ideas and placement by room

Use our mirror buying guide’s inspiring ideas to create gorgeous interiors with your favourite mirrors as focal points.

Living Room

Living room mirrors are primarily used for aesthetic purposes, so large, stylish options work best. Consider installing a mirror near or opposite to a window to reflect more light throughout small or dark living rooms.


Kitchen mirrors, much like living room mirrors, are generally used for aesthetics. Opt for some mirrored wall art to add a dash of glamour to your kitchen or create a unique focal point with a cluster of mirrors in various styles, sizes and finishes.

Dining Room

Dining room mirrors are often installed above sideboards and cabinets to create a regal and symmetrical result. A large statement mirror like the Savona Mirror In Silverwood High Gloss Finish will complement most dining spaces while bringing more light into the room, especially when installed near a hanging light fixture or chandelier.

Savona Mirror In Silverwood High Gloss Finish


Full length mirrors are perfect for bedrooms, and dressing table mirrors help to add extra functionality to personal spaces. Smaller novelty mirrors in unique shapes and sizes can also be used to create eye-catching wall arrangements.


Knowing how to choose a mirror for bathrooms is easy if you stick to mirrors that are slightly smaller than your vanity to create a striking look. Round, oval, arched, and novelty mirrors can help to add style and interest to bathrooms while still working as functional surfaces.

Home Office

Home offices typically boast simple, modern, and practical designs. Choose a chic yet subtle mirror for your office to add reflected light and functionality to the space without creating unnecessary distractions.

Hallway and staircase

The right hallway mirror will make small or narrow hallways and staircases appear larger and more expansive. Window mirrors are a great choice for these spaces, and clustered mirror arrangements can also help to create a unique and eye-catching look.

Kew Wall Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hang my mirror?

You will need to drill into a wall and use wall anchors and screws to hang a mirror securely. It’s recommended that you use a level and a pencil to ensure the correct placement of your wall anchors before installing screws in your wall. You may also hire a professional to help you hang your mirror.

Can a mirror be too big for a room?

Yes. Knowing how to choose a wall mirror size is crucial. Oversized mirrors may make smaller rooms feel cramped and may overwhelm your décor. To avoid this issue, measure your wall before purchasing a mirror, and consider the proportions of the mirror compared to the size and purpose of the room.

Which mirror shapes make a room look bigger?

Large, tall, and oversized mirrors can all help to create the illusion of more spacious rooms by helping to reflect more light and create the illusion of height and depth. Other mirror shapes that can help to make a room appear larger include geometric mirrors and frameless mirrors.

Are bevelled mirrors better quality?

Bevelled mirrors are generally regarded as more luxurious than plain mirrors, but they are not of a superior quality, and may actually be more fragile. However, they do assist in reflecting more light, helping to make rooms appear brighter and airier.

How do I clean my mirrors?

Use a clean microfibre cloth and your preferred glass cleaning product to wipe the surface of your mirrors. Afterwards, use clean, dry newspaper to wipe off any excess residues and ensure a streak-free finish. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents, rough sponges, and vinegar on your mirrors, as these products can damage them.

Reflect your personal style with Fishpools

Now that you know how to choose a wall mirror size and how to choose a mirror for every room in your home, it’s time to find the ideal mirrors for your living space.

Draw inspiration from our mirror buying guide and shop our complete collection of mirrors online. At Fishpools, you’ll discover stunning mirrors in a wide range of sophisticated shapes, sizes, and designs.