Sofa Beds

Modern homes need modern

Modern homes need modern solutions, and nowhere will you find more beautiful solutions than here at Fishpools. Our range of sofa beds are designed with practicality and style in mind, meaning they’ll fit seamlessly into the space you have available and perfectly compliment your existing interior design. Our corner sofa beds maximise space without compromising comfort, whilst our 2-seat or 3-seat sofa beds provide a comfortable sofa, and then when guests come over, can be transformed into a convenient and welcoming space. A sofa bed is a practical solution for saving space and hosting more guests and with our stunning collection, you’ll be able to find the ideal addition at the best possible price. Customise your sofa bed with a choice of fabric, leather and velvet finishes, and add that much-needed comfort, style, and function to your living space. Browse all of our sofa beds, ranging from small to large, to find the perfect sofa bed for your living room.

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