Since 2020, a growing number of Britons have swapped office space for a spare room, a corner of their home, or even a spot at the kitchen counter. The humble home office has now become a feature in many residences across the country. However, many of these spaces were initially created out of necessity, without much thought for functionality. This means that many of these spaces can benefit from these refreshing home office ideas.

Use these tips and ideas to transform your home office into a functional space that fuses charm, style, practicality, and productivity.

Advantages of refreshing your home office

Introducing new home office décor ideas brings greater advantages than simply creating a cohesive look in this important space. Refreshing this space in your home gives you the opportunity to:

  • Support your physical health: Invest in home office desks and chairs to help you maintain good posture. An ergonomic seating setup can assist with greater focus and productivity.
  • Consciously incorporate nature or natural elements: Spending time in nature or spaces with natural elements can support calmness, working memory, cognitive performance, and productivity. Pot plants, pictures, or rugs made from natural materials bring this feeling inside.

Home office furniture ideas

Balance style and functionality with these home office ideas based on what’s set to be some of 2024’s most influential home office furniture trends.

Choose sustainability and eco-friendliness: Choose furniture made from recycled, reclaimed, or sustainably produced materials, such as a reclaimed timber desk, bookcase, and filing cabinet. When it comes to equipment and appliances for your office at home, energy efficiency is key.

Go for a discreet, adjustable desk: Transform a cramped workspace with a discreet desk that doesn’t take up much space and that you can adjust for optimal comfort. A runner desk is a great way to create a dynamic, flexible workspace.

Let 90’s industrial chic inspire seating: The 90s and early Noughties industrial chic trend that arose recently will continue to inspire room refreshers and home makeovers through 2024. Let this trend inspire your home office seating in the form of the Lyndon Swivel Desk Chair.

Lyndon Swivel Desk Chair In Grey

Explore our other home office desks and chairs, as well as bookcases, display units, and cabinets.

How to choose your home office furniture

Your physical and mental well-being will benefit from a home office that is comfortable, professional, and well-structured. Choosing the ideal office furniture combination can help you cultivate and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Knowing how to do this can be easier said than done, which is where these home office design ideas and our home office buying guide come in. Use our guide to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Home office décor ideas

When the heavy lifting is out of the way, you can continue refreshing your workspace at home by adding decorative touches. Be inspired by these on-trend home office décor ideas.

Embrace moody monochrome: Choose a darker, moody shade and let maximalism inspire you to embrace monochrome by using the colour on furniture, walls, trim, and ceilings. Create incredible contrasts through fixtures and décor in striking, shining colours such as gold or silver.

Add a carefully chosen fragrance: Sensory design will make waves in home office décor ideas and trends in 2024, so let this inspire you to add intangible elements such as fragrance to your workspace. Use scent diffusers to spread a favourite fragrance or one that promotes mental focus. Find gorgeous fragrance diffusers at Fishpools.

Incorporate your personal interests through décor: Stay connected to your sense of who you are and feel inspired during the time you spend in your home office by incorporating home décor elements that reflect your personal interests.

Home office lighting ideas

Ambient or background lighting that illuminates your entire home office is good, but it’s not designed to meet the needs that come with working from home. Use these home office lighting ideas to add or take advantage of other light sources.

Add task lighting: Task lighting, such as a low hung pendant light or a desk lamp, can help you focus on what you’re doing at your desk or workspace in your home office. Stay on-trend next year by choosing task lighting that also does the job of bringing silver, gold, rose gold, or other modern metallic elements into your design palette. Explore stunning indoor lighting options at Fishpools.

Take advantage of natural light: The trends of nature, eco-friendliness, and sustainability also touch on lighting. Take advantage of natural light by positioning your desk in front of or next to a window.

Small home office ideas

If lack of space is the biggest challenge, these small home office ideas can help you to make the most of it.

Style vertically: Install multiple shelves on the wall above your desk so you can style vertically, whether you want to use the shelves for office supplies, photos, trinkets, or potted plants.

Foldable desk and multi-purpose furniture: Like foldable beds in a guestroom, a foldable desk can make a world of difference in a small home office. Take this a step further by choosing transformable office furniture that you can turn into living room or bedroom furniture.

Refresh your home office with Fishpools

Your home office will inspire greater creativity and productivity, and it will better support your mental and physical well-being if it is a consciously curated space. Use these home office ideas to transform your workspace with Fishpools.