Breathing new life into your home doesn’t need to come with an interior design makeover. You can quickly and easily add a fresh touch to your decorating scheme and bring more comfort and warmth underfoot with our versatile rug ideas.

Aesthetic room and home décor ideas

It’s easy to think of rugs in terms of practicality. Rugs make rooms warmer by acting as insulators and draught excluders, and they absorb noise and make floor surfaces softer.

However, as you can see from the aesthetic room and home décor ideas below, stylish rugs can also add anything from a splash of colour to a whole layer of personality. As these simple furnishings can make a serious impact, it’s important that you don’t make a rushed decision when choosing rugs for your home.

What rug should I choose?

When choosing a rug, consider the following factors:

  • The room: Will placing a rug in the room in question be practical or impractical?
  • The rug’s shape and size: Would a round rug, a rectangular rug, or a runner be better for the room?
  • The rug’s material: Is the material that the rug is made from suitable for the rug’s intended location, i.e., can it withstand frequent foot traffic?
  • The rug’s style: Does the style of the rug enhance the existing or intended décor?

Find out more about how to choose a rug to ensure you pick the perfect piece for your home.

Benefits of adding a rug to any room

The following versatile rug ideas go beyond décor and aesthetics. They also highlight many of the benefits of rugs such as the Toros – Ombre and the Toros – Illusion.

Add a splash of colour

Add a splash of colour and instantly elevate rooms by adding rugs. The ability of a rug to uplift a space by introducing a pop of colour that contrasts with or coordinates with the room’s existing colour palette.

Don’t be afraid of being too bold when it comes to rug inspiration. Some designers insist that rugs never look as bold as people think they will be and recommend that it’s better to take a risk rather than be conservative.

Get creative with patterns

Be brave and get creative with patterns when choosing rugs. Consider abstract designs such as our Galleria Rug or the Orla Kiely Runner Rug. Relaxed maximalism is set to influence home décor ideas and trends in 2024, so let your creativity run wild.

Of course, the rug’s not the only design element in the room, so be sure to get the balance right. If you want the rug to steal the show, make sure you use complementary colours in a variety of textures to layer the room’s other elements.

Orla Kiely Runner Rug

Enhance your existing décor

Remember that the design story in your home’s rooms should develop from the ground up. Think about your existing décor when considering rug inspiration, as they can transform a room’s tone. Choose a modern or classic rug, depending on the room’s existing style.

Create a focal point

Be inspired by what’s billed to become a trend among 2024 aesthetic room ideas, and use a rug to create a focal point.

Use a boldly coloured and patterned rug such as the Orion Abstract, the Da Vinci Runner, or a Hand-Knotted rug as a centrepiece, place the rug under focal furniture, match the rug to a feature wall, or complement the rug with carefully chosen accessories.

Orion Abstract Rug

Add texture

Use rugs to add texture to rooms. Don’t be afraid of including contrasting colours, patterns, and textures among your rug ideas.

Create layered textures using multiple rugs. For example, you can achieve a luxe look and varied textures for an exciting feel underfoot by starting with a Quartz or a Canyon base rug followed by a smaller plush silk rug or kilim.

Zone the space

Create distinct zones in larger rooms with multiple rugs, changing how you not only see but also use different areas in those rooms. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to organising your aesthetic room ideas.

If you have an open-plan living room, you can use rugs such as our Overdyed Rug to indicate the family seating area, a cosy reading nook, or a knitting corner.

Create a warmer, cosier ambience

The Danish concept of hygge (‘cosiness’) burst into our collective consciousness back in 2016. The style’s minimalism might not be on-trend in 2024, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have cosiness amid next year’s eclectic maximalism.

Include natural fibres such as cotton, wool, sheepskin, and cowhide in your rug inspiration if you want to make a room feel softer, more comfortable, and more inviting.

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