Sideboards are one of the more popular pieces of home furniture, primarily due to their versatility and the fact that they provide ample storage space. A high-quality sideboard will add elegance to any room in which it is placed, and provide you with plenty of space to store dinnerware, entertainment equipment, linens, Christmas decorations, and virtually everything in between!

No two sideboards are alike. So, when choosing a sideboard for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration, including colour, style, size, and functionality. In this sideboard buying guide, we’ll explore all the factors you need to consider when choosing your sideboard to help you find your perfect match.

Once you know what you want, shop online for our range of premium sideboards at Fishpools and make an investment that will enhance the look, feel, and functionality of your home.

Oak sideboard

What size sideboard should I choose?

The first step you need to take when choosing a sideboard size is to decide which room it is going to be placed in. The size of the room in question will determine the size of sideboard you can have without it taking up too much room. The room in which your sideboard will stand may also dictate its function. If your sideboard is for your home office, it may be used as a storage cupboard for office equipment, and if it’s for your dining room, it may be used to store dinnerware and to display dining room-specific décor.

Once you have decided where your sideboard will be and what it will be used for, it will be much easier to choose a size that meets your needs. We also recommend measuring the other furniture in the room you want to place it in to ensure that the sideboard you choose fits with the flow of the space without cluttering it.

What style should I choose?

The style of your sideboard is an essential consideration if you want this piece of furniture to enhance your home and fit cohesively with your interior design style. There are many different styles and looks to choose from, so we recommend determining your current or planned interior décor style and aligning your choice with it for a put-together appearance.

The styles we offer at Fishpools include:

  • Traditional. Traditional sideboards are usually made of beautiful, finished woods, and their versatile designs will suit a variety of British homes.
  • Rustic. Rustic sideboards pair natural materials like raw woods with metal accents for a timeless look that works particularly well with rustic farmhouse and British country design styles.
  • Industrial. Furniture pieces in this style are characterised by clean, geometric lines, simple yet bold finishes, and a range of materials, including striking woods and plenty of metal accents.
  • Modern. Modern-style sideboards offer sleek, clean looks, simple finishes, and geometric elements that lend themselves well to minimalist and contemporary interior designs.
  • Glamour. Sideboards in this style promise to add a unique focal point to any room thanks to a range of unique finishes, colours, and style choices. They often include gleaming metallic accents for a sophisticated look.

What finish should I choose?

While most modern sideboards are made primarily from wood, sideboards made from glass, metal, mirror, and a combination of these materials are also becoming more popular. Ideally, your chosen finish should enhance and align with your current interior décor. If your home has a classic or rustic style, then a traditional wooden sideboard will flatter it perfectly.

Modern, contemporary, and minimalist styles pair well with unique sideboards made of metals, glass, and mirror accents. Here are a few of the materials on offer to aid your decision.

  • Ceramic and ceramic effect. Ceramic is a beautiful and durable material that is resistant to scuffs and is easy to clean, making them ideal for families with children.
  • Chrome, gold, and metal. These metals are typically used as accents to bring sideboards to life, and will flatter virtually any décor style, from contemporary to classic, glamorous, and more.
  • Glass. This is a classic and highly sought-after material for sideboards, as it adds a dash of elegance to the mix.
  • High gloss. Sideboards with high gloss finishes offer a subtle yet eye-catching look that will suit most homes.
  • Marble. This classic material is both beautiful and durable and lends itself well to classic and contemporary living spaces.
  • Mirror. Mirrored sideboards will add a generous helping of glamour to your home and may also help to create the illusion of space in smaller rooms.
  • Painted. Painted sideboards are highly versatile, as they come in a wide range of shades that you can choose to enhance your interior décor palette or add a pop of colour where needed.
  • Reclaimed. Sideboards made from reclaimed materials are an environmentally conscious option that offers a rustic, one-of-a-kind look.
  • Wood. The wooden sideboard is a household staple that comes in a wide range of beautiful wood tones and finishes, from soft pine to rich mahogany.
  • Wood and paint effect. Sideboards with both natural wood and paint finishes offer a unique look and feel that will uplift the ambience of any room.

What colour should I choose?

Ultimately, the colour of sideboard you choose is entirely up to you and your personal taste. Pick a sideboard that will work with your interior palette or choose one in a bold accent colour to provide contrast and create a focal point as you see fit.

Enhancing your sideboard with home décor

Once you’ve decided on your sideboard, it’s time to enhance its look with a few carefully chosen home décor pieces and accessories. Standing pictures are a popular choice, but you can also shake things up with decorative trays, candles, sculptures and ornaments, vases and planters, and decorative bowls and plates.

Our extensive range of home décor offers everything you need to choose the perfect pieces to accessorise your sideboard and create a beautiful layout that will take your home’s appearance to a new level.

Frequently asked questions

What delivery services does Fishpools offer?

We offer a premium delivery service for our quality furniture pieces, which includes delivery of your new sideboard and assembly in your room of choice.

How do I look after my sideboard?

The care your sideboard needs will depend on its materials and finishes. Natural wood or veneered sideboards should be cared for with wax, oil or lacquer to protect them from the elements; marble and stone sideboards will require regular polishing and some filling from time to time; and marble and ceramic sideboards can easily be maintained with an occasional wiping-down with a damp cloth.

Fishpools offers an exclusive Guardsman Policy that protects your furniture against oil-based stains, adhesive strains, broken glass, paint and ink stains, and scratches and scuffs. Our plans include expert protection kits to help keep your furniture in great condition for years to come.

What should I store in my sideboard?

What you store in your sideboard will depend on the room in which it is placed and its intended function. You can use your sideboard as a TV stand, as a dinnerware display cabinet, to store books, games, and office supplies, or even for shoe and umbrella storage in entrance ways.

Find the perfect sideboard with Fishpools

Now that you know how to choose a sideboard that meets your needs, we’re here to provide you with the perfect sideboard for your home. Fishpools offers a wide range of expertly crafted sideboards of an equally diverse range of styles and materials.

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