Choosing the perfect garden furniture for your patio, terrace, or garden space will help you to enjoy the warmer months of the year in style. It’s also a fantastic way to extend your seating arrangements for family and guests, to allow you to express your unique décor style outside, and to make your home feel more spacious, brighter, and more welcoming.

However, choosing the right outdoor furniture can be challenging as there are so many styles, sizes, materials and types to choose from. We’ve created this guide to simplify the process and ensure that you choose the ideal furniture for you, no matter how you intend to use it or where you need to place it.

In our garden furniture buying guide, we’ll share everything you need to know to learn how to choose garden furniture to suit your needs. We’ll also provide inspiring patio furniture ideas, deck furniture ideas, garden seat ideas, and much more!

Dark grey outdoor couch with a table

What type of garden furniture should I choose? 

There are many different types and styles of garden furniture available at Fishpools, each of which is designed to suit a specific need or space. Our collection of premium garden furniture offers dining sets consisting of outdoor chairs, sofas and tables, garden sofa sets for luxurious seating, and corner dining sets. You’ll also find garden fire pit sets for unforgettable summer bonfires and sun loungers and day beds, which allow you to relax and unwind while you enjoy the outdoor space around you.

The type of garden furniture that will best suit your home will depend on the size and configuration of your outdoor area and the primary purpose that your furniture will serve. For instance, small gardens may not be able to safely house fire pit sets but would benefit from a garden sofa set or compact dining set. Conversely, large, spacious, and open plan gardens may be able to fit sun loungers, fire pits, garden sofas, and dining sets easily with some strategic planning and positioning.

All our quality garden furniture at Fishpools is designed and manufactured to suit its intended use. So, as mentioned above, you should also take the purpose of your furniture into consideration when choosing your top outdoor furniture ideas. Our fire pit sets are specifically designed to withstand high levels of prolonged heat, while our durable garden sofas and outdoor furniture is designed for all-weather use with minimal maintenance, allowing you to keep it outside all year around.

Table and chairs by a swimming pool

What material should I choose? 

Garden furniture comes in a range of different materials, which also give rise to a selection of diverse looks and styles. The material you choose largely comes down to personal preferences, although some materials are naturally stronger and more durable than others. Wood, for instance, is more vulnerable to the elements when compared to other materials like metal and resin and could require some annual maintenance.

Fishpools stocks robust rattan and aluminium garden furniture; two materials which are known for their long-wearing natures and weather resistance. Our aluminium garden sets offer a sleek, modern look with a metallic finish, while our rattan sets are more natural and tactile.

grey outdoor dining table with chairs

Where should I position my garden furniture? 

When it comes to positioning your new garden furniture, there are a few key factors to bear in mind. If you are positioning your furniture on grass, be sure to find a flat patch of land so that your sofas, chairs, and tables will stand firm and not wobble. Remember that garden furniture can damage your grass, so move it around regularly to prevent your lawn from yellowing and developing patchy spots.

We recommend avoiding placing your garden furniture on any gravel or stone surfaces, as they are abrasive and can scratch and scrape your furniture. The unevenness of these surfaces can also make it challenging to dine in comfort, as your table may wobble as you place pressure on it.

Aluminium garden furniture in particular is best placed on a dry, flat patio or terrace instead of on damp grass. When positioning any furniture on a patio or paved area, place the longest pieces of furniture against a wall and shorter, smaller items on the opposite side to create a harmonious seating arrangement.

Grey sun bed with a side table

How should I care for my garden furniture? 

We offer garden furniture in a range of different quality materials including aluminium, rattan and wood.

Aluminium garden furniture

Metal garden furniture made from aluminium is generally very easy to maintain and is finished with specialised coatings like a powder coating that help to prevent rust and damage over time. These items can simply be wiped down with a soft cloth or hosed down and then dried thoroughly in the sun to keep them looking their best. 

Rattan garden furniture

Rattan furniture, which is made of durable resin fibres, is also largely maintenance-free. It can be used in gardens and on patios as it is weather resistant and can withstand moisture and UV light without fading or becoming brittle. All it needs is an occasional wipe or a wash with warm water and a gentle soap.

Wooden garden furniture

Teak wood has a natural appearance and develops a beautiful silver-grey patina when exposed to the elements over time. Scratches, dents, cracks, knots are inherent in recycled teak and does not have an impact on the lifespan. Normal use of your wooden garden furniture will result in small hairline cracks and openings appearing in the wood; this does not detract from the quality or the durability and adds to the charm.

Even though our Acacia wood is finished with a PU coating, this can be damaged by the elements over time. We recommend that you maintain your furniture on a yearly basis by lightly sanding the top layer and replenishing the PU coating to ensure your furniture stays in great condition. As wood is a natural product that can expand and shrink under different weather conditions, we recommend that you tighten the screws every now and then. Acacia furniture will need to be shielded from the elements when not in use. Use a weatherproof cover for protection. Always make sure that the furniture is clean and dry before covering it.

Garden cushions

Garden cushions may require more maintenance to keep them looking like new. Our outdoor cushions are showerproof and made to withstand general wear and tear, but like all garden cushions, may be prone to moulding and pest infestations if not stored correctly. Our guide to storing garden cushions tells you everything you need to know about washing, treating, and storing your outdoor cushions, which is especially important during the wetter months of the year.

Our range of garden furniture covers are a great and aesthetically pleasing way to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. They protect your furniture from summer showers, winter conditions, UV rays, dust and more, and also offer security in windy conditions. Our outdoor furniture covers come in a range of sizes to fit garden dining sets, outdoor sofas, tables, chairs, storage boxes, coffee tables, sun loungers, bar tables, stools and more. Browse our collection of garden furniture covers and invest in protection for your garden furniture to keep it in excellent condition for years to come, whatever the season.

What lighting is best for my garden? 

Fishpools offers a wide range of robust outdoor lighting options that are completely weatherproof, durable, and hard-wearing, and easy to install. Our range includes pillar lights for garden use, wall sconces and lanterns, outdoor table lamps, portable outdoor lights, and spotlights in a selection of elegant colours and styles. Check out our complete lighting guide to help you choose the perfect lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor lighting is essential for garden terraces and patios, as it provides illumination for decks, driveways, and communal areas, supporting relaxed summer evening gatherings and fuss-free outdoor dining. Additionally, it adds an additional element of safety and security to your property, giving you full visibility of your yard in the evening and throughout the night.

Grey outdoor couch with a table

Which outdoor garden accessories should I choose?

Once you’ve gathered enough garden furniture ideas and chosen your ideal outdoor furniture, it’s time to accessorise to bring your garden or terrace to life. We offer an extensive range of quality, durable garden accessories, including parasols for delightful shade, outdoor dining sets and tableware to facilitate memorable meals with family and friends, and gorgeous garden decor available in an array of beautiful styles and eye-catching materials.

Our range includes weather resistant garden decorations like elegant plant pots and planters and potted succulent and grass arrangements, and tough yet sophisticated outdoor rugs to help you add a dash of softness and tactility to your outdoor arrangements. 

Grey parasol

Frequently asked questions

How long will I have to wait for my garden furniture?

Fishpools offers an In Stock Ready to Deliver range that contains quality garden furniture that is ready to be shipped to your door. Our Quick Delivery furniture has also been selected to provide you with rapid delivery as soon as you place your order with us.

What delivery service does Fishpools offer?

Our Premium Delivery Service is carried out by a team of trained professionals, who will deliver your new garden furniture to your home and then set it up in the arrangement and position of your choice. Once assembly is complete, our team will remove all packaging materials from your home upon their departure. 

What’s the best garden furniture for a small space?

Compact garden dining sets come in smaller sizes that are perfect for modest outdoor spaces, and garden benches can be stored underneath your dining table to make as much room as possible when not in use. 

Use an outdoor rug to create the illusion of spaciousness on your patio or terrace, and to create a cohesive and intentional look without using up valuable space.

What’s the best garden furniture for hosting?

Our rectangular outdoor dining sets and corner garden sets are perfect for hosting, as they provide ample and comfortable seating for up to 8 people. Corner sets can also be positioned along walls and in corners, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space regardless of its size. 

Choose your outdoor dining furniture according to the number of guests you expect to entertain in the future – you can always invest in more outdoor seating to expand your set-up if needed!

Create tranquil outdoor spaces with Fishpools

Fishpools’ range of outdoor and patio furniture options contains everything you need to create beautiful and cosy garden spaces for relaxing, socialising and celebrating. Our robust garden furniture is designed to be used throughout the seasons, and many of our sets are waterproof, UV resistant, and maintenance-free for your convenience.

Shop our full range of garden furniture and accessories online and find sophisticated and timeless pieces to elevate your outdoor area. Alternatively, visit our showroom in Hertfordshire to see our extensive collection of garden furniture.