Learning how to choose wall art for your home is an essential skill for creating stylish and striking interior designs. Just a single piece of fine wall art can totally transform the look of a space, while helping you to express your unique sense of style in a visual way.

There are many important factors to consider when choosing wall art for your home. The location where the art will hang is a key consideration, as is choosing pieces in sizes and colour schemes that complement your existing interior design style. 

In this wall art buying guide, we’ll explore how to choose artwork for different rooms in your home, and how to find art that aligns with your living space and décor, and your personality!

Styles of wall art 

Modern wall art comes in a vibrant and diverse range of styles to suit every home. Fishpools’ collection encompasses a variety of eye-catching styles and visual forms to bring plain walls to life. Our range of wall art includes, among other styles:

  • City and architecture wall art. This style is well suited to industrial, minimal, and ultra-modern homes. It allows you to bring the dynamic energy of urban life into your living space by showcasing beautiful modern and classic architecture and metropolitan scenes.
  • Animal wall art. Animal lovers can express their passion for nature by using animal wall art to make a statement at home. Whether you adore cats and dogs or you’re partial to wild animals, Fishpools’ range of animal wall art will have something to appeal to your discerning tastes.
  • Abstract wall art. Abstract art, like our Eichholtz Ernesto Rigo Set Of 6, is an icon in terms of modern interior design work. It comes in an endless variety of forms, styles, and colour schemes to suit every home, and expresses unique emotions and sentiments in an intuitive way.
  • Animation and figurative wall art. This style helps to create fun, laid-back, and creative interior spaces that align with your individual interests and personal style.
  • Floral and still life wall art. Still life and floral art pieces are classics, especially in traditional and farmhouse-style homes. We offer a wide range of floral and still life wall art to help you find the perfect decorations for your needs.
  • Landscape and seascape wall art. Infuse your home with the beauty of the natural world with terrain and seascape themes. These pieces will help you to bring the outside in while showcasing your favourite outdoor spaces, be they rolling green hills, lush forests, or tranquil oceans.

Wall art ideas by room 

Use these wall art ideas by room as inspiration for your own interior designs.

Living Room

When it comes to learning how to choose wall art for living room settings, your space should be inviting, bright, and as casual or formal as you like. This room in your home has virtually endless styling potential. If you already have a specific style, choose living room wall art that complements it and enhances your existing colour scheme. Interior design experts recommend positioning your art near your main seating space for maximum visual impact.

2 angel heart wing art pieces fixed on a dark green wall with lit candles and flowers in a pot


Wall art for the kitchen can encompass a range of themes and subjects, from romantic Parisian cafés and sunny Italian bistros to vibrant vegetables and fruits, and dining-themed still lives. Choose kitchen wall art that enhances your current design and décor without overwhelming the eye. Designers tend to choose smaller, more subtle pieces for kitchens. They gravitate towards warm tones of red and orange, as these colours stimulate the appetite and create a more inviting ambience.

Dining Room

Your dining room is an excellent space to showcase larger pieces. Choose wall art that complements your interior design and your dining room décor – including dining furniture – for best results. As the dining room is a traditionally social space, you can successfully display artworks that stir up conversation and draw your diners’ attention. Our Morval Metal Wall Art is a beautiful option.

collection of circular, brown metal art work


Wall art for bedrooms is highly personal and individual. It’s important to choose pieces according to the design of each room and the preferences of those who use it. Let your creativity soar with bright colours and unusual textures or stick to classic florals and still life works – it’s up to you. Remember to align your art with the design of each bedroom for a harmonious look, and to choose fun, whimsical options, such as the Princess Sleeps Here Sign to add a special touch to children’s bedrooms.

Home Office

Wall art can help to transform a plain home office into a cosy and inviting workspace. Bear in mind that as your office is a place of concentration, your wall art should not be too bright or distracting. Instead, opt for more neutral tones that complement the flow of the space without creating too much visual noise. We recommend elegant options like the Mineral Abstract Framed Canvas Set of 2.

gold and greyscale marble effect framed canvas wall art


Your hallway is where you will welcome guests into your home, and it’s the perfect space to make a statement. Consider installing a large canvas with subtle colours and a welcoming design in your entryway, or even a gallery of cherished photographs. Shop our collection of picture frames to find the ideal framing options for your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hang my wall art?

In most cases, experts recommend hanging your wall art so that its centre point is around 60 inches from the floor. Depending on the weight of your wall art, you can hang it using fixings/raw plugs suitable for the type of wall you want to hang the picture on.

Ideally pictures should not be strung or wired unless fitted by the manufacturer.

Hanging the picture independently on the fittings will ensure the weight is evenly distributed, rather than concentrated at one centre point. 

How do I care for my wall art?

Avoid hanging your pictures in direct sunlight, as this can cause them to perish and lose colour saturation. Use a feather duster or a damp microfibre cloth to gently clean each piece. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents on your wall art.

How to choose wall art for a large wall?

Large wall art ranges in size from 33 to 40 inches in width and height and can be much larger. Use larger walls to create focal points in your home with expansive and eye-catching pieces. Avoid grouping large pieces together with other prints of the same size, as this can create visual clutter. Large pieces are best paired with smaller canvasses for an interesting look.

How do I choose wall art for a small wall?

Wall art for small walls should range from 18 to 24 inches in width and height. When decorating a smaller room, choose smaller pieces and group them in pairs or trios for a striking look.

Discover sophisticated wall art at Fishpools

Fishpools’ range of fine wall art brings you everything you need to create an exclusive design for your living space. 

Now that you know how to choose wall art, shop our gorgeous range online or view it in store to find the perfect pieces to express your individual style.