Summer indoor plants not only help you to create stylish, nature-inspired interior spaces, but they also provide an effective way to purify indoor air. Plus, they change up your home décor in a unique and eye-catching way.

If you’re looking for inspiration to update your interiors, summer house plants are an excellent choice. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best plants for British homes that provide beauty, air-cleaning properties, and cheerful bursts of verdant colour. 

Pink orchid in clear glass pot

Create stylish spaces this summer  

We love using indoor outdoor garden furniture to create outside spaces that extend your home into nature. You can create your own outdoor living room area with just a few key pieces, like a spacious L-shaped outdoor sofa, a robust coffee table, and weatherproof rugs like our Patio Rug in Diamond.

If your outdoor living room space is undercover, you can also get creative with décor. Use items like wall mirrors, unique light fixtures, and decorative garden accessories to give your relaxation spot an extra touch of charm. Remember to add warm-toned solar lighting to your garden too, as this helps to create a well-lit and cosy atmosphere both inside and out.

Faux plants and flowers 

Our collection of faux plants and flowers offers a range of highly realistic, striking options to choose from. 

If you love Orchids but don’t love the maintenance, you can add a splash of colour to your home with our maintenance-free pink Orchids in a ceramic pot or our 5 stem pink Orchids in a clear glass pot

Alternatively, if you prefer the look of Aloes and succulents, our 30cm Aloe in a cement pot or 20cm green and red succulent in a pot adds a splash of desert-style décor to any space. 

Aloe plant in cement pot

The best summer indoor plants 

Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera deliciosa, Delicious Monster, or ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’, derives its name from its striking leaves that form noticeable holes in them over time. This is a classic summer house plant choice, and Monsteras can grow to a respectable size without too much fuss. 

Not only do they count as houseplants that work outside in summer, but they are also nontoxic to dogs and cats, making them an ideal pet-friendly house plant option. Our 90cm Monstera Tree in a black pot provides a maintenance-free alternative.


Calatheas are eye-catching indoor plants that are perfectly suited to beginners. Offering leaves in a range of bright tones and variegated patterns, your Calathea will require very little trimming, shaping or maintenance to look its best. 

This plant is suited to both home and business use and thrives in indirect light and low-light rooms. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is an elegant plant that derives its name from its violin-shaped foliage. These plants require plenty of natural light to thrive and will grow in indoor spaces away from direct sunlight and in partially shaded outdoor areas. 


Are you looking for houseplants that work outside in summer? Enjoy luxurious Italian dishes and add flavour and colour to your meals by growing basil indoors and out this season. 

While basil thrives in warm climates, it doesn’t require much watering to reach its full potential, making it a great choice for busy homeowners. Place your basil plants in a sunny spot outside or on a sun-soaked windowsill to ensure a steady supply of delicious herbs all summer long.

Snake Plant

Snake plants have a striking appearance and help to add height to your interior designs. They prefer indirect light and only light watering after their soil has dried out completely. 

This is also an excellent plant for filtering indoor air and helping to convert CO2 into oxygen to keep your home fresh and healthy.


Plant-filled terrariums provide beauty, sophistication, and a simple way to keep your plants alive all summer – even if you forget to water them! 

Terrariums are exceptionally easy to maintain as they trap and recycle water, keeping the interior environment moist and humid to allow your indoor summer plants to thrive. Add pebbles, crystals, moss, shells, and other natural décor options for a truly individual look.

Keep your summer house plants happy with Fishpools

Fishpools’ collection of stylish vases and planters brings you everything you need to showcase each one of your summer indoor plants in style. 

Our planters and pots are versatile enough to house both indoor plants outside for summer and indoor summer plants while keeping them healthy and looking beautiful. Shop our full collection of planters and artificial plants online and transform your home with the vibrancy of nature.