Infuse your home with that sunshine feeling with exclusive home décor summer accessories that instantly brighten up your living space. Even just a few carefully curated summer décor pieces can create a festive sanctuary that you’ll be eager to enjoy, day after day. 

Join us as we share our top summer decorating ideas to provide all the inspiration you need to create the perfect haven this season.

Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces

Summer is the perfect season for spending time outdoors, and you can create the ideal spaces for leisurely relaxation by connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Make the most of the warm months by installing a generous dining table and cosy chairs on your porch to create a comfortable dining area. Or, combine patio seating options and charming fairy lights in your sun room or on your terrace to combine the beauty of nature with your protected interior rooms. 

Connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces in your home helps to create an open, casual atmosphere that’s perfect for laid-back dining and celebrations.

Add a splash of colour 

Summer brings to mind bright, vibrant, and eye-catching colour schemes that mimic the tones of nature in bloom. There are many ways to infuse your home with summery colours this season, from painting your front door or window frames in a sunny shade to opting for striking scatter cushions, throws and summer living room décor pieces that add instant pops of colour to your space. 

Alternatively, opt for stunning florals with ranges like our Kya Leaf Green Cushion to add both stylish hue and tactile texture to the mix.

Switch to lighter linens 

While heavy linens are well suited to winter, they can look and feel a tad heavy during the warmer seasons. 

Create a lighter, airier space at home by changing your bed linen to lighter, flowing versions in soft neutral or bright and colourful palettes.

Create casual outdoor social areas 

Make the most of the warmer season by creating relaxed and stylish outdoor areas for dining, socialising, and unwinding. 

Options like our Bombay 120cm Round Dining Table in Marble Finish look beautiful on patios, decks, porches, and terraces, and will help to ensure that you always have enough space for family dinners and leisurely gatherings outside. 

Remember to add a few comfortable dining chairs or other seating options of your choice to create a gorgeous and functional outdoor sanctuary.

Update your Living Room 

If you’re not outside during summer, chances are that you’re laying back and relaxing in your living room. Take this activity to a new level by adding a luxurious lounge suite to your living space for comfort, versatility, and superior support. 

Our Karlanda Extra Large Sofa in Fabric offers ample seating space for all of your family and guests, and can also be upholstered in your choice of fine, summery fabrics for a truly coordinated look. Add a final cosy touch to your lounge with the Aurora Rug collection to ensure that your living room is destined to impress!

Perfect your summer décor with Fishpools 

Fishpools offers everything you need to choose the ideal home summer décor for your living space this season. 

Our extensive collections bring you everything from stylish indoor and outdoor furniture to exquisite summer living room décor pieces to ensure that every room matches your lifestyle during the warmer months.