If you’ve ever wished that you had a recliner or sofa that you could truly sink into, Ekornes Stressless sofas and chairs offer exactly what you are looking for and more. These Stressless chairs were introduced to the market in 1971, becoming the first reclining chair brand specifically designed to meet your body’s every need for support and mobility while seated.

Five decades later, Ekornes chairs have become a household name in the premium furniture industry, in part thanks to the brand continuously innovating its designs to make them even more comfortable and versatile. Stressless furniture offers uncompromising quality, a range of smart technical features for customisable seating, and excellent full-body support for whenever and wherever you need it.

Innovation meets sophistication

Every Ekornes Stressless recliner, sofa and chair offers a variety of convenient features and mechanisms, including the patented Stressless glide system which follows your every movement and adjusts your recliner accordingly. This range also includes the Power Plus System, which provides unparalleled neck and lumbar support, no matter which position you are seated in, and the BalanceAdapt System that stabilises each movement of the chair for seamless movement transitions.

The Ekornes sofa range also includes intelligent ComfortZones™, which can be found built into the seat cushions of all the brand’s fixed back sofas. They effortlessly adapt to each person’s seating position while providing additional plush softness.

Ekornes Stressless recliners are available in three sizes to suit every owner’s weight, build and support needs. Personalise yours further with your choice of two width sizes, along with adjustable backs and a wide range of fine leather, fabric, and wood finishes to choose from. Every Stressless chair you invest in can be fully customised to enhance your interior décor and align with your personal tastes.

Stressless Mayfair chair and stool in leather

Designing your dream home

Take control of your comfort with a wide range of sophisticated and functional Stressless chairs to choose from at Fishpools. Options like the Stressless Mayfair Chair & Stool With Classic Base In Leather provide a classic seating experience, while the Stressless Tokyo Chair & Stool With Star Base In Leather provides more extensive leg, back and neck support.

Alternatively, invest in luxury for the whole family with sofa options like the Stressless Stella 2.5 Seat Sofa In Leather and the Stressless Windsor 3 Seat High Back Sofa In Leather. These furniture designs are as cosy and inviting as they are practical and can be viewed online or in store for your convenience.

Stress Tokyo chair and stool in leather

Ekornes stressless furniture at Fishpools

Fishpools offers a wide and exclusive range of premium sofas, recliners, chairs and footstools – including the Ekornes Stressless furniture range – to elevate your living space and bring you uncompromising comfort. We have carefully curated our furniture collection to bring you the highest quality design work and craftsmanship possible, ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Explore our full range of furniture online or in store to find the perfect pieces to sink into at the end of every day.