Using the right dining room designs for your home décor can transform your dining room from a basic, utilitarian space to the perfect cosy room for hosting meals, celebrations, and heart-to-hearts with close family and friends.

There is an endless array of dining room setups and designs to choose from, ranging from farmhouse and British country home styles to industrial, minimalist, contemporary, and more. Regardless of your personal style, your dining room design should follow two golden rules: it should be beautiful to look at and welcoming to all, and it should be practical enough to meet all your dining needs, even if you only have a modest space to work with.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about designing your dining room, choosing dining room furniture, and creating an elegant space that you’ll love to eat in.

Step 1: Choose a colour palette

The colour palette you choose for your dining room designs can completely change the ambience of your dining space. Deep, rich tones like wine reds, royal blues and forest greens exude a sense of luxury and sophistication, and earthy colours help to add a touch of natural flair to any dining room.

Along with your preferred colour palette, you will also need to choose a theme to help structure your design and able you to choose the perfect dining room furniture. Dining room design themes span from traditional and farmhouse to minimal, contemporary, glamorous, natural, and many more; do some research and pick the one that best expresses your unique tastes and personality!

Cantania White Extending Marble Top Dining Table

Step 2: Invest in Dining Room furniture

Your dining room furniture is arguably one of the most essential aspects of your dining room. Not only does it provide comfort and functional space for diners, but its style can also elevate your décor and make the dining room a focal point in your home.

While the classic dining table and dining chair combination will never go out of style, there are plenty of other pieces of dining furniture you can opt for to create unique compositions that stand out. Options like dining benches, bar cabinets and serving sideboards lend dining spaces a touch of elegance and interest and make for a more intentional interior. Ultra-modern pieces like the Bergamo Extending Dining Table in Ceramic make for stunning focal points too.

Polar Extending Dining Table In White High Gloss

Step 3: Mix up your styles

The first step we mentioned in designing dining room layouts is choosing a theme and colour scheme to work with. Once you have this design style in mind, experts recommend mixing its core features with aspects of other interior décor styles to develop a style that’s entirely your own. For instance, you could pair antique-style furniture with modern art and sculpture or combine contemporary dining room furniture like the Colossus Straight Edge Dining Table In Solid Natural Oak with an exuberant Persian rug or bejewelled mirror for a dash of unexpected bling.

Mixing and matching styles is an easy yet highly effective way to breathe new life into tried-and-tested design themes, and the result is always exciting and novel.

Colossus dining table

Step 4: Create a space for celebration

Dining rooms should be designed in a way that turns every occasion into a celebration – even if it’s just a casual dinner with friends.

Just a few simple, carefully chosen elements can create a striking look; think statement light fittings, large textured rugs, upholstery and scatter cushions in a bright accent colour, or eye-catching accessories.

Step 5: Expand your space with the right dining table

Round dining tables provide the perfect surfaces for casual, laid-back gatherings. They can also seat extra guests with ease and be stowed away in a corner when not in use, making them ideal for small to medium-sized dining rooms.

Alternatively, options like the Antibes Extending Dining Table and the Teramo Extending Table With White Ceramic Top provide extra seating space on demand along with a stylish finish. This makes these dining table options perfect for dinner parties and hosting family and friends.

Perfect your Dining Room designs with Fishpools

Just a few key elements – a striking colour scheme, the right dining room furniture, and a few choice accessories and visual elements – can turn your dining room into your favourite room of the house.

Browse our range of sophisticated, high-quality dining room furniture, dinnerware, decorative accessories and more at Fishpools to find everything you need to impress your guests. Or visit our showroom to be inspired by our dining room designs.