Your fireplace is the heart and soul of your living room, and you can make it the highlight of your home by choosing the right décor to frame it. If you are looking for inspiration that will showcase your fireplace and transform your communal area into a warm, inviting, and beautiful space, our fireplace decorating ideas can help!

In this article, we will explore the best decorating ideas for a fireplace and the optimal elements and accessories to use to elevate this space. Once you’ve found the décor ideas that resonate with you, browse our full range of home décor and accessories to find the perfect pieces for your home.

Choose flattering ornaments and accessories

A few carefully selected ornaments and accessories can enhance the look of any fireplace and turn it into the beating heart of your living space. Fishpools offers a wide range of ornaments, sculptures, and accessories to suit every interior design style, from modern and minimalist to classic, contemporary, rustic and classic English country house.

Choose the pieces that suit your personal sense of style and display them on your mantel to give your fireplace a polished and curated look that will have your guests talking. Remember to ensure that they are protected from open flames and excess heat to keep them looking their best for years to come.

Ornaments for fireplace decor

If you’re looking for fireplace décor inspiration in time for Christmas, then why not view our range of light up decorations and room and table decorations online to help transform your living room in a winter wonderland?  

Bring light to the subject

There are many ways to illuminate a home fireplace and add extra visual interest to it. One of our favourite fireplace decorating ideas is to showcase a few elegant lanterns along your mantel for extra charm and sophistication. Options like our Stag Head Hurricane Lantern offer a robust design and a regal appearance, while providing you with a safe way to burn candles in your living room to set the mood.

Stag Head Hurricane Lantern for fireplace decor

Another more contemporary but equally stylish option is our Lumen Round Mirror. It’s framed with geometric mirror shards that will reflect the warm light from your crackling fire and create a uniquely unforgettable visual effect. Install it above your mantel for the most breath-taking effect.

Lumen round mirror above fireplace

For fireplace Christmas décor ideas, explore our range of Christmas candles, candle holders and diffusers. Not only do our Christmas home fragrances smell great, but candles also make the perfect centrepiece for your fireplace or mantle piece.

Elevate the space with art

One of the most classic fireplace décor ideas around is to use art and fine prints to draw the eye towards your fireplace. Our favourite pick for a contemporary British home is our Blue Marble Panel Set of prints, which boasts a strikingly elegant look that will infuse your living room with colour and perfectly contrast the warm tones of the flames.

Blue marbel panel set of 2 above fireplace

We offer a wide selection of other pictures and prints to suit your personal tastes. View the collection online and choose from abstract and figurative prints, animal-themed pictures, city and architecture prints, floral and still life art, and inspiring landscapes and seascapes to add the ideal finishing touches to your fireplace décor.

Design your life with Fishpools

If our decorating ideas for a fireplace have inspired you, take a look at our collection of home décor options online to find the best accessories, art prints, lanterns, statues, mirrors, and ornaments to bring your fireplace to life!