If you’ve chosen your sofa according to your unique tastes, you likely want to make it the centrepiece of your living room. Having a comfortable sofa and chair arrangement is paramount. But it’s important to remember that a sofa that also looks great can elevate the look of your home and turn it into a central feature that brings any room together.

The trick to dressing a sofa is to find an ideal balance between functionality, style, texture, and colour. You can dress your sofa not only with throws and scatter cushions, but with surrounding elements like stylish rugs, floor lamps, indoor plants and more. Here’s what you need to know to make your new sofa shine.

How to dress your sofa with throws

Dressing a sofa with throws is one of the simplest ways to keep your sofa looking elegant without losing out on functionality. Throws can add pops of colours to your living room set-up, create a more inviting look and add warmth on chilly evenings. They can even add contrasting textures to your sofa that enhance its appearance even further.

During the spring and summer, opt for lightweight throws (like our Halo Throw) in any bright or neutral colour of your choice. In autumn and winter, choose chunkier wool and faux fur options (like our Laura Ashley Arya Throw and Radley Fleece Throw) in neutral and warm tones to add a cosy ambience to your lounge space. When considering how to dress your sofa with throws, the easiest way to create a laid-back and casual look is to drape your throw along the top of your sofa, over one of its arms, or even over your seat cushions. This will add some extra protection too.

Scatter cushions on a sofa

How to dress a sofa with cushions

The use of cushions to dress a sofa is equally important if you want to truly define your space. Scatter cushions can transform any sofa in an instant, while adding interest and keeping your arrangement tactile and textured. Keep patterned cushions clustered in groups of similar prints – for instance, geometric cushions should be placed with other geometric cushions – or use plain cushions in solid colours to colour block in between patterned scatters.

Don’t be afraid to choose cushions in a range of different shapes and sizes. This can help to create the illusion of a larger sofa and ensure that you have comfortable cushions on hand for every occasion.

Churchill leather sofa

Choosing accent furniture

Now that you know how to dress a corner sofa with cushions and throws, it’s time to shake things up with a few pieces of accent furniture from our exclusive ranges like Gabriella and Bella. We recommend picking statement chairs and a matching coffee table to complete the look of your sofa, and accessorising your living room with matching or contrasting rugs to bring even more warmth into the mix.

If your sofa is from Fishpools, you can opt for matching chairs from the same range. Or you can express your individuality with a completely different, accentuating range to create a space that’s all your own. Coffee tables like our Agra 4-Drawer Coffee Table and Aquarius Brass Frame Coffee Table will infuse even more character into your living room with their unique shapes, textures and tones.

Here at Fishpools, we offer everything you need to design and create the living room you want. We offer a wide range of quality sofas, scatter cushions, throws, and accent furniture ranges like Roosevelt, Oscar and Vincenzo to inspire you. Shop the ranges online and give your lounge the update it deserves!