Sink into the Brindisi leather sofa collection and relax. Designed to offer the ultimate in comfort with generous plump cushions and a supportive high back, every Brindisi sofa is neatly packaged in a great contemporary shape with attractive stitching detail. Compact dimensions make it ideal for smaller homes without compromising on comfort. This collection is outstanding value for money and available in a choice of over 20 leather colours, from a deep red to a bright apricot yellow. Once you’re cosied up on a Brindisi, you’ll be reluctant to get back up again! 

Corner Group LHF In Espresso - BrindisiCorner Group LHF In Espresso - Brindisi
£2549.00 was £3,695.00
Corner Group RHF In Espresso - BrindisiCorner Group RHF In Espresso - Brindisi
£2549.00 was £3,695.00

Corner Group LHF - BrindisiCorner Group LHF - Brindisi
H5378 PebbleH3000 ApricotH6105 Forest Green
£2549.00 was £3,695.00

Corner Group RHF - BrindisiCorner Group RHF - Brindisi
H9604 LiquoriceH9603 SaddleH5618 Walnut
£2549.00 was £3,695.00

3 Seater Sofa - Brindisi3 Seater Sofa - Brindisi
H6101 Mid GreyH5613 TaupeH9323 Orange
£1099.00 was £1,579.00
3 Seater Sofa In Espresso - Brindisi3 Seater Sofa In Espresso - Brindisi IN STOCK
£1099.00 was £1,579.00

2 Seater Sofa - Brindisi2 Seater Sofa - Brindisi
H9606 Dark BrownH325 Vintage GreyH3630 Natura Taupe
£999.00 was £1,435.00

Armchair - BrindisiArmchair - Brindisi
H1176 GreyH9603 SaddleH5618 Walnut
£799.00 was £1,145.00

Armchair In Espresso - BrindisiArmchair In Espresso - Brindisi IN STOCK
£799.00 was £1,145.00

Storage Footstool - BrindisiStorage Footstool - Brindisi
£409.00 was £585.00

Foostool - BrindisiFoostool - Brindisi
£395.00 was £569.00
Footstool In Espresso - BrindisiFootstool In Espresso - Brindisi
£379.00 was £545.00