Crushed, quilted, soft or plush? Velvet is the growing home trend that is here to stay. Lots of us have developed a soft spot for this trend and who can blame us!? Velvet is the optimum of decadence and indulgence in the home. Whether it’s a grand sofa or exquisite accessories, when it comes to glamour, velvet is guaranteed to add sophistication. 

Velvet has a surprisingly adaptability in our homes. You could bring a small pop of colour with scatter cushions or create your entire look around a statement piece. Whatever you choose, velvet has the ability to elevate colour and be present anywhere in your home.

Introducing this trend into your interior doesn’t have to mean dark colours or over the top regal hallways. Our velvet edit shows modern and flattering pieces to create your version of opulence to any living space. 

Decadent Statement Furniture

Looking to build a whole look around a furniture piece? Nothing beats snuggling into your sofa in the evening and velvet offers the ultimate comfort. Whether it’s the luxe look of the material itself, or its tactile nature our Vincenzo sofa is perfect for those cosy evenings. This sofa produces a touch of retro into the home that creates a sense of nostalgia breeding comfort into your living area. Delicate details such as retro legs and deep quilted seats offer a relaxing sit.

Bringing light tones into the bedroom creates a modern and fresh feel for the fabric that is not often seen. The Catherine Lansfield Natural Crushed Velvet duvet introduces cream undertones and a soft texture that has the ultimate blend of dreamy decadence and a calming atmosphere perfect for any heavenly night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for a more low key introduction into velvet, this sleek and functional Rebecca Ottoman is the perfect combination. A spacious floating floor storage area and elegant hardwood feet compliment this smooth stylish velvet finish.

Bursts of Opulence

Need a more subtle touch for your home? Bring an instant elegance and glamour to your room with crushed velvet cushions. The kai kassaro in papaya is the finishing piece any sofa or bed craves. Small velvet accessories offer a burst of opulence and classic styling to any interior. Whether it’s a sofa that needs jazzing up or your bed wants the ultimate comfort, this fun colour is the burst of luxury all rooms will love.

Do you have that corner in your house that feels there is something missing? Or are you looking for the perfect match for a statement dining table? Smaller velvet statement chairs are a must for either. The Lottie Chair brings a feminine feel along with art deco styling – the matching trend velvet was looking for. Adorned with shell detailing and glamorous metal legs, this will complete any quiet corner. 

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