There’s nothing as luxurious – and homely – as velvet furniture. Soft, smooth, sumptuous, it begs to be sat on yet demands respect. It’s the ultimate upholstery choice for anyone looking to create a statement in their home without compromising on comfort.

Before opting for that stunning crushed velvet sofa, should you worry about how to clean velvet furniture? While it does require slightly more consideration than fabric and leather furniture, keeping it clean needn’t be a chore.

In this blog, we provide hints and tips on velvet furniture care to help you cherish and enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Caring for your velvet furniture

Make sure you know how to wash velvet before any accidents happen to minimise the risk of damage to your velvet furniture set.

Hollywood three seater velvet sofa

Velvet comes in several forms, each of which require slightly different care. Velvet is made from two pieces of fabric facing each other, with threads woven between them. The result is a soft, short pile which is more delicate than leather or fabric. Dirt is easily trapped between the pile, and spills are quickly absorbed.

However, with the right care and attention, velvet furniture will withstand the mishaps of daily life and look fabulous year after year.

Easy everyday maintenance

There are a few simple ways of maintaining and cleaning velvet furniture day-to-day.

Camden midi velvet sofa

Vacuum your furniture gently using an upholstery attachment to keep on top of dust and dirt. You can also shake, move and turn your velvet sofa seats and cushions every month or so to avoid favourite spots becoming wrinkled.

Velvet tends to mark when it bears weight for long periods. While this is normal, you can minimise marks by switching up your favourite spot now and then to spread the weight more evenly. Alternatively, brushing and steaming the material will also help restore the pile and maintain that luscious shine.

Keep your furniture looking flawless

Spills are a fact of life, but by following our velvet sofa cleaning techniques you can reduce the impact of accidents and keep your furniture looking flawless over time.

Tip number one: for small spills, gently blot your furniture with a cloth without rubbing or applying too much force. This will remove most of the liquid, and any remaining liquid can be dried using a hairdryer from a safe distance to avoid heat damage. Brush the velvet to restore it and prevent matting.

Copeland velvet dining set

Tip number two: before using velvet upholstery cleaner or velvet furniture protector products, test them first on a discreet area of your furniture to make sure they don’t discolour the fabric.

Tip number three: remember to check the composition of your furniture before you clean it at home. As we mentioned earlier, small spillages on cotton- and polyester-mix velvet are usually safe to clean by hand, but other types of velvet may require professional care.

We offer a 5-year Guardsman Protection Plan to cover you from the little accidents in life. If your sofa undergoes unexpected spills or damage, you can claim quickly and easily. Safe and hassle free, it ensures your sofa stays looking its best no matter what life throws at it.

Finishing touches

Polly occasional chair in yellow velvet

Now that you’re clued up on velvet furniture care instructions, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Velvet furniture often comes in bold colours. Maximise the wow factor by mixing up colour palettes in your room to make a statement, but make sure you team vibrant colours with more neutral tones, such as grey.

Metallic accessories also work well with velvet. Team a sleek, metallic floor lamp or table lamp with a velvet furniture set to complement the unique texture of velvet and elevate your living area.

Luxe velvet corner sofa

Velvet infuses a sense of luxury and comfort into your home like no other. When treated with respect, this rich and vibrant material is sure to turn heads in your home. Feeling tempted? Visit our website here or pop into our store to shop our range of velvet furniture.