The right kitchen lights set the mood for every dining occasion: from eating to entertaining. With so much to cater for, choosing your kitchen light shouldn’t be the final thought, it can be the show-stopping centrepiece to complete the look.

Family cooking breakfast in modern kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. It’s the versatile room that serves as the hub for dining, socialising, and even work. Perfectly picked lighting can complement your kitchen’s multifaceted functionalities. But that’s not all. The right lighting scheme can also create an illusion, making your space appear bigger and brighter than it really is.

Whether you’re moving home or planning to redecorate, find out how you can get started with your kitchen lights with our top tips.

Layering Kitchen Lights

Producing your ideal kitchen atmosphere doesn’t have to be restricted to just one type of lighting. In fact, combining multiple types of lights, such as accent and task lighting, can enhance the vibrancy of your space.

Bright kitchen lights in modern home

Task lighting is typically used for cooking, while accent lighting is best to enhance the finer details, like framed artwork.

Consider Your Room Height

Measuring your room is not only for safety precautions, but to avoid any disasters: you don’t want to be ducking your head every time you begin to cook. For optimum space, you should ensure there’s approximately 30 inches from counter to the lowest point of your ceiling light.  

Choose a Focus Point

Is there an area of your kitchen you want to emphasise? Perhaps you want to draw attention to your seating area or your dazzling art display. Incorporating accent lighting is the best way to devise an atmospheric space with little effort.

Cosy atmosphere with dim lighting

Strip lighting like the Halley spot bar can be placed under a top cabinet for subtle radiance, or opt for a ceiling pendant light, such as the Neo 5 Crystal Glass that has a dimming effect for the ideal cosy environment that suits you.

Don’t Let Your Light Dominate Your Room

It’s easy to get carried away with lighting. It’s important to consider size before you get started. If the light is too big, it can look overwhelming and dominate a small kitchen, but if it’s too small, the feature could get lost and fade into the background.

Corner of kitchen with black pendant light

Work Around The Natural Light

In every room of your home there are areas where natural light beautifully rests into the late afternoon, as well as corners that are light-starved. Not every room can be perfect. Natural light often depends on what direction your room is facing, but it’s important to keep in mind when you’re deciding your new lighting scheme.

Natural light beaming into white kitchen

If you’re aware of your kitchen’s dark spots, you can combat the issue by carefully choosing lighting to brighten these areas. A floor lamp is your modern saviour. A crisp minimalistic aesthetic like the Ribbon floor lamp can easily work with any interior, and it’s functional features means you can move it around your room as and when the light changes.

What To Do When it Comes To Installing

Although you might be tempted to try installing yourself, it’s always best to meet with trained professionals to ensure it’s fitted perfectly. Fishpools have a reputable, expert team who can be on hand to inform and advise the best solution to your fittings. Get in touch online to see how we can help you, or read our customer stories for yourself.