Throughout 2019, Bauhaus will celebrate its 100th birthday with events in Germany and the wider art world.

The Bauhaus School of Design was founded by Walter Gropius 1919 with the motto ‘Thinking the World Anew’. Although the school only lasted until 1933, its creative influence still exists today and arguably will continue to influence for centuries to come. The Bauhaus’ influence has impacted art, architecture and furniture design and can potentially take the crown as being Germany’s greatest export. We take a look at the celebrations and influence of this iconic art institution.

How will the Bauhaus centenary be celebrated?

The Bauhaus Association opened the centenary celebrations with a large festival in Berlin, Germany. The festival that took place in January featured art, music, film and lectures from across the globe with separate exhibitions taking place throughout the city. Exhibitions will also take place in cities that have been influenced by the Bauhaus movement in 2019, including Chicago and Sao Paulo for example.

What is the influence of Bauhaus?

The school of Bauhaus did not just teach art and architecture. Founder Walter Gropius wanted to influence a new breed of artist, one that took influence from nature and craftsmanship. Gropius said, “An object is defined by its nature…in order to design it to function properly, one must first of all study its nature. For it to serve its purpose perfectly, it must fulfil its function in a practical way.” When you analyse anything that has taken inspiration from Bauhaus, you can see this influence. Bauhaus products are simplistic in design but remain incredibly useful and above all beautiful.

Bauhaus Inspired Furniture

The design and thought process behind Bauhaus are still visible in today’s furniture and they still look the height of modern design – certainly not 100 years old. It is highly likely that you will have seen Bauhaus designs every day of your life and just not made the connection. If you are looking to fill your house with Bauhaus inspired furniture and accessories you need to look for a few distinguishing features. Firstly, Bauhaus designs consist of simple forms and designs to show off the raw features of the product. For example, an essential feature of a Bauhaus table or chair would be a chrome frame, the Aiden is a prime example.