A child’s bedroom is a space for adventure, to create stories, complete homework and of course to sleep. Children have their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to interior design. We took a look at 11 different ideas you can try and replicate at home.

Funky wallpaper

Wallpaper instantly makes a statement to the room, and it’s a real attention grabber. Keep the room simple, and make the wallpaper do all the “talking”. Make sure it’s bold and interesting that the kids won’t easily get bored of.

Cosy den

A den can inspire a ton of adventures for children, as it’s their own personal space to take time out from the “world”. Let your kids build the den with you, they can pick out the cushions and other accessories to get their creativity racing. It’s an essential for any sleepover!

Pop art

Pop art can give the room character, with its expressive style and modern twist. This theme heavily softens contrasting colours, and this can be done using art that your child has done or posters of their favourite musicians or tv show.

Colourful textiles

Textiles add depth to the room, as well as comfort and warmth. Adding a rug will add an area that they can play on and have fun with their friends. Keep the room minimal and make the textiles the focus.

Map of the world

Not only is it a way to make geography fun, it’s an interactive opportunity to engage the kids to learn about the world. Dedicate a wall to a world map and you can even play a game of the kids popping a pin on the map to familiarise themselves with different parts of the world.

Starry lights

Fairy lights are a brilliant way to make the room appear magical and otherworldly. Fairy lights can be weaved through the bed frame or on the ceiling to create a floaty effect. There are various styles of fairy lights you can choose from, e.g. the colour of the cable or light.

Sail away

Sailing themes inspire the desire to explore and a feel for adventures. Nautical tones in the bedroom will help create a relaxing atmosphere. All you need to add are blue and white textiles to the room, and if you’ve been on a family trip by the sea, you can add some of the shells you collected.

Splash of rainbow

Colours add vibrancy to any room, and children are always fascinated by the colours of the rainbow. The room doesn’t need to be bombarded with colourful features, and it can still have an under stated feel. Consider adding some statement colours to the room to help inspire children.

Space station

Kids are always fascinated with space as it feeds their curious minds. There are many ways to re-create a space world inside of their little “caves” Place glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and on the walls, as well as cosmic duvet covers.


Dinosaurs have been a source of imagination for children for decades. Feed their curious minds, with a prehistoric theme. If you have an artistic hand, paint dinosaurs on the walls with the help of your little one. However, you can always get wallpaper to showcase the theme. 

Pastel pallet

If you’d like to keep the room light and airy, base the interior and colour scheme on the pastel pallet. Pale blues, pinks and yellows are great hues that open up space in the room with a stylish finish. 

We hope we’ve given you some ideas, however it’s always best to ask your little one the kind of bedroom they would like to create. Collaborate with them, to design the room of their wildest dreams.