Are dining rooms becoming extinct?

Busier than ever, it’s easier to grab a quick meal in the kitchen or in front of the telly. That way, we can catch up on the latest series, text, email and check social media while we eat, and the dining room can be converted into a home office or a guest room. Right?

Well, yes and no.

Research we carried out last year revealed that 65% of Britons still use their dining room primarily for dining in, proving that the space is far from dead. And yet, we’re clearly using it for this reason less than we used to.

One in six use their dining room primarily for storage, while one in ten have converted it into a children’s play area.

We believe the dining room serves a function that’s unique.

It may not have the highest footprint in the house, but not all rooms have to be in daily use to demonstrate their value. Nowhere else achieves that magical moment where food and conversation come together, as we escape from our everyday distractions.

No phones, no chores, no unwanted interruptions.

We want to help you reclaim your dining room for its original purpose by injecting it with new life.

Here are a few of our favourite dining room tables to help get you started.

Dining room tables for all occasions

Who the dining room is for is an important consideration. For example, if you belong to a busy household of all ages, a table that’s hard-wearing and can endure the odd knock and scrape is key.

Perhaps you’ll want to use it for intimate family dinners as well as larger parties, in which case knowing you can accommodate extra guests will be front of mind.

Fishpools - Antibes Dining Table

The Antibes dining table makes a modern statement with clean shapes finished in glossy grey lacquer. It comes in two lengths, extending from either 160cm to 210cm, or from 196cm to 250cm.

Fishpools - Bremen dining table

For a more down to earth feel, our Bremen dining table in natural oak or grey washed oak comes in three different sizes to ensure there’s enough room for all the family.

The dining room table and chairs should fit the available space. If this is limited, then a foldable dining table could be the right option for you.

Kenwood table - Fishpools

A foldable dining table like the Kenwood is the ultimate space-saver, perfect for folding away when you want to use the space differently.

Fishpools - Calligaris Vortex

Our Calligaris Vortex is an elegant round table with a central base that creates enough legroom for up to four people. The twisting matt black frame can be topped with either glass or marble.

Fishpools - Georgie Table

The Georgie is another small round table in our range, but with a very different feel. Inspired by the shaker style, it is made from cream painted timber, with a contrasting natural oak finish top. This unique piece also has matching chairs.

If you’d like more inspiration, our blog post on Tableware trends to influence your dinner sets in 2018 is a great choice for you. You can find out more here.