Finding the right sofa for your home can be tricky. Incorporating comfort whilst being space and style savvy can sometimes feel impossible. Sofa beds bring functionality to the forefront and are a modern essential that no home should be without.

If you’re wondering where to put up your unexpected extra guests or looking to be clever with your spare room, then we’ve compiled all the must-know information before you take the next step.


What is a sofa bed?

Well, it is exactly what the name implies. It combines two essential household items into one to give you a more practical living space filled with the desired comfort.

The products act as a sofa where underneath lies a metal frame and a mattress that can be simply unfolded to become the bed.


What do Fishpools offer?

Fishpools has a large range of sofa beds for your home. The vast range of styles and sizes means you can easily find the perfect fit to compliment your living room space and furniture. Check out our sofa bed range, so you can find the perfect sofa bed to suit your home.


The Joplin

The Joplin is a style-savvy sofa-bed that will allow the change from a comfortable sofa to a relaxing bed with no fuss. It’s the ideal choice to take care of those last minute guests with ease. There’s no need to worry about space as this product is available in three different size options: 70cm, 120cm and 140cm, all at an affordable price.

Joplin Sofa Beds

The Memphis

This sofa bed offers divine comfort at an outstanding value for money. The Memphis is a timeless piece, its contemporary design and luxury cosiness mean it will be an investment that will give you years of excellent relaxation. It’s designed to simply enhance your living room space, available with a coordinating stool (completely free of charge) to ensure relaxation is always on your mind.

Memphis Sofabed

 The Mirage

For long-lasting quality and sophisticated style, the Mirage is a perfect choice. Its unique design of an elegant curve makes it the ultimate corner room masterpiece. Available with matching footstools and decorative cushions to tie your modern look together.

Mirage sofabed

What makes Fishpools sofa beds different?

Fishpools range of sofa beds doesn’t just take functional features into play, it also brings comfort, style all at an affordable price. The vast range of styles and sizes means you won’t have to compromise on your living room activities to have this practical essential, it can simply fit in as an additional piece.

The soft fabric cushioning means a good night’s sleep or a movie night can be done with absolute comfort.


What are the benefits?

Flexible Features

There’s no doubt that a sofa-bed is multi-functional, acting as two core products in one. This flexible feature also allows you to be adjustable when it comes to your life. Wondering how you could put up those extra guests or a surprise visit from your relatives? Maybe you’re looking to make the most out of your office space? A sofa bed allows for spontaneous visits to happen with ease whilst making the most out of a confined area.


Cost Efficient

By having a two in one product it means you’re saving money by not buying two separate items. It’s an ingenious way to save money as well as space. Compared to other space-saving sleeping methods, such as an inflatable mattress, a sofa bed is definitely the comfortable, and stylish, alternative.


Affordable Luxury

Luxurious comfort sofa beds
With quality fabric comes exceptional comfortability. Often paying for a high-quality sofa-bed can result in high prices but with Fishpools you can spread your costs interest-free over a six or twelve month period*. This means you can be reassured you’re getting the right product for you and your space without the hassle and stress of finding the money straight away.


Are there any disadvantages?

Over time and with lots of use it can inevitably become harder to clean your sofa bed. It’s easy for accidents to happen but sometimes trying to remove the evidence can be a pain.

Having a multi-functional product can often result in a heavyweight, which can be a hassle to move around especially in constricted areas. With the choice of one, two or three seat recliner your Fishpools sofa bed will only be as heavyweight as your space and you can handle; it’s the perfect complement to your home and life’s everyday needs.


How do I take care of my sofa bed?

When it comes to sofa beds, sometimes you can feel as though they need extra force into to fold back properly, yet this isn’t the case. You should always try to handle the open and close mechanisms the care.

To ensure your product is looking as good as it can, it can be a good idea to brush or vacuum your sofa bed around once a week. Accumulating dirt is only natural but it’s good to stay on top of cleaning to ensure it will remain at a high quality for as long as possible.

You should try to tackle any stains as soon as they happen, use a clean absorbent cloth to get rid of any unwanted spots and spills.

No matter your living room space, there’s a range of sofa beds available to perfectly suit your space and your budget. For endless days and nights of comfort, on a sofa bed that compliments your room with a luxurious finish, we’ve got just the thing.

Discover your new quality sofa bed by browsing our range now.