Don’t you love a long weekend?! Whether you’re having a relaxed one at home or partying the long days away, why not think about the scents in your home to help you relax or revive after one too many mojitos.

Many interior designers are talking about the importance of scent in the design process. We design a room to make us feel comforted or social, inspired or passionate, and your home fragrance should do the same. In fact, research shows that our mood can improve by 40% when exposed to a pleasant fragrance. Using scents to match moods, we’ve compiled some of our favourite scents to help you add the finishing touch to the rooms in your home.

logan-nolin-347104-unsplashIf you ask me what my favourite thing is, I’d say fresh sheets and clean pyjamas! Clean, light fragrances like Linen or White Tea & Jasmine will take you back to the moment you crawled into a crisp fresh bed as well as creating a sense of space and serenity with a light airy fragrance.

Wood Wick Hearthwick candles have the added sensory element of sound to add to the atmosphere. The wick crackles like an open wood fire to really sets the mood for unwinding. (Especially comforting on a rainy day).joanna-kosinska-354578-unsplashSakura; Japanese for cherry blossom, another light and airy fragrance that will make you feel like you’re sat in a zen Japanese garden. Combined here with amber and musk to warm your senses, a fragrance like this could suit a bedroom, conservatory or bathroom.

Neroli is a natural mood lifter but unlike our airy fragrances above it has a rich, wholesome body and would suit a cosy warm living room or even a library or office. Alongside subtle spices and woody scents like cedar and patchouli, this is a rich scent to ground and hold you.roberto-nickson-g-446008-unsplashWant a fragrance that takes you back to exotic holidays in the sun? MadebyZen’s ‘Journey’ Essential Oil mixes heady orange blossom and vetiver with earthy exotic tones of oud and moss. Depending on your mood, this fragrance could go anywhere at home, maybe in the entrance to export to you to far-away lands as you walk in. Or perfect to accompany a luxury bubble bath in the bathroom.

Mint, grapefruit and ginger. No, I’m not making up a smoothie or dessert, this is an invigorating and refreshing scent combination that will clear your mind and enhance creativity. Kitchen’s, hallways and studies will really benefit from this zesty crisp scent and clarity. This one comes in an Essential Oil form.


Candle Vs Diffuser?

Candles will always be a classic way to create ambience and fill your home with fragrance. Effortlessly romantic and indulgent as well as a perfect gift. However, if you’re looking to refresh your home all day, even when you’re not there, a diffuser is the answer (especially if you need to keep flames away from curious little hands and whiskers).

Traditional reed diffusers are composed of a glass bottle, filled with essential oil that is diffused by evaporation into the air through wooden sticks. These are beautiful decorative items that double up as ornaments too.

An increasingly popular choice are electric diffusers, taking water and only a few drops of essential oil to create a fragrant mist. This enables you to collect a range of fragrances for use with just one diffuser. Many also come with a mood light or colour change settings like this one.

Whether you prefer the traditional atmosphere of a candle or the adaptable modernism of the electric diffuser there are lots of options to fill your home with fragrance this weekend. We hope it’s a good one!