Scandinavians are known for a few things. Tall, handsome men, IKEA, a happy, fulfilled way of life, and of course, clean and classic interior design that inspires serenity and inner peace. The bedroom is really one room in the house that should inspire us to be calm and relaxed as much as possible. And hopefully, by bringing in some Scandinavian bedroom design, you too can be relaxed, fulfilled and happy.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful Scandinavian bedroom designs to help inspire you. Enjoy!

Stay Minimal

Scandinavian design flourished in five Nordic countries in the 1950s, and is typically all about simplicity and function.

However, it’s really minimalism that’s at the centre of a Scandinavian bedroom design. Rooms tend to be free from clutter and unnecessary décor, focusing only on what is essential.

Pagoda bedframe

Typically, Scandi design is all about natural materials, pale colours and minimalist shapes.

Most of the accessories for this room will be in muted tones, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo accessories altogether. Throws for the bed will still be needed, as will cushions – although we suggest neutral shades like grey to keep that perfect Scandi-feel.

Pops of Colour

Scandi rooms are always known for having very neutral backdrops. Think white, white, and more white.

Don’t think that this doesn’t mean you can’t use colour in your Scandi bedroom. If anything, this actually helps. You can add pops of colour through your use of accessories and, once you’re bored of them, replace with a different colour! This will keep your room looking fresh and modern, and can be the perfect way to instill a relaxing mood.

Blue is one colour that works particularly well for Scandi rooms, and is ever-so on trend. Go for big, bold pops of colour – like bright rugs or a statement feature wall – to really make an impact

Kew bedframe

Although blue does work particularly well for Scandinavian bedrooms, don’t be afraid to mix it up! Other bright colours work well too. Yellow soft furnishings are guaranteed to liven up a muted bed with ease. What’s more, the colour yellow signifies happiness and positivity; it’s the perfect finishing touch to enhance any room and mood.

If you’re looking to achieve a very minimal Scandi look, and don’t really fancy painting (or you live in a rented property), why not try adding pops of colour with plants? This method doesn’t require a lot of effort, yet can have a great colourful impact.

Pops of green can really help liven up the space that you’re living in, as well as provide some much needed detoxifying properties to the air.

Pastel Perfect

Another key trend involving Scandi design and colour is the use of muted, pastel colours. Pink and green are the real standouts here – but any earth or rustic tones will do.

Delta reclaimed timber bedroom collection

Pastel tones are often used to retain the total simplicity of a space: a very Scandinavian principle. Even though the pastels are muted, they still bring a warm, soft appeal to a bedroom.

If you don’t feel like painting an entire wall, small accessories and soft furnishings will help bring those pastel touches you’re looking for. If you’re low on space, bringing pastel shades directly to the bed can help. Cushions and bed sheets can also help add those pastel shades to the bed, and tie the room together.

Use of Space

The Scandi way of life isn’t just about style – it’s also about function, especially for those who are looking to be smart with their space.

Pagoda tall chest

If you are short on space, the simplicity of a Nordic aesthetic will really help make the most of your space. Stick with predominantly white walls, to help give the illusion of a bigger room, and shun away any unnecessary accessories and décor – instant Scandi!

 Even the smallest of nooks can be Scandi with a few simple touches. Introduce a lot of light, textures, and monochromes to give the effect.

Go Textured

Scandis have a real appreciation of everything natural, which means you don’t have to stick to just white when decorating.

Adding natural textures to a room can really help bring that Scandi vibe alive. Think about wool, fur, wood, and stone. Raw materials provide a real contrast against the white backdrop, as well as enhancing a natural earthy feel

Pagoda bedframe with throw

Accessories like natural cushions and sheepskin or cowhide rugs are really the key here, and can make a big impact without you having to completely wood panel one of your walls.

Wooden floors are another great way to achieve a real textured Scandi look. By stripping back the floorboards and varnishing them, you create a real Nordic vibe.

Alternatively, why not try whitewashing the floorboards to really help the light bounce around the room as much as possible.