With the Christmas decorations coming down in the next few days, your home may suddenly feel a bit humdrum. Poised on the brink of 2018, consider the occasion as the perfect opportunity for a makeover. The new year brings new trends and here we look at two set to score highly on the style agenda. 

The miracle of monochrome


Monochrome has been on the radar for a while and will continue to be strong throughout 2018. Why? Because it’s such a strong aesthetic: on one hand the look can be bold and dramatic, and on the other, its timeless appeal makes it endlessly versatile. Start with a white wall and work from there: next to one, our Quartz sliding-door wardrobe will really emphasise the light and dark mood.

Spiky_Pebble_Cobble (1)

Continue in the same vein through dramatic detailing, such as lampshades, cushions and vases. This approach will lend your space an elegant yet contemporary feel. Our Pebble cushions and Metropolitan Tiffany wall light will help channel the look, while also adding dramatic silhouettes into the mix.


If you’re looking to dip your toe into the black and white vibe, look for subtle ways to do so. Bed linen is an excellent and inexpensive way to nod to the trend without going all out. Our Karl Lagerfeld Facet range falls into this category: the geometric print lends a modern touch, while the greys warm up the monochrome palette.

Plant life

Next year, invite the outside in by bringing houseplants in from the cold and into every corner of your home. Apart from the environmental and health benefits – they help filter the air – greenery can lend a tactile and natural touch to your space.

White Orchid (1)

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, our selection of faux plants and flowers will make beautiful choices. Take our white orchids: place them in the living room or on the kitchen table and enjoy the appearance of flowers all year around.

Yucca Plant

Our Yucca plant deserves consideration for its fine-looking leaves that fan out gracefully from a pre-weathered cement pot. Try positioning the plant on the floor, near a window, and create a mini collection by pairing with smaller potted plants from our portfolio.


And for those pops of colour that add personality to any space, opt for our Begonia, seen here in peach and yellow. Simply locate them strategically around your home for a final, head-turning flourish.

Happy New Year from Fishpools! If you’re feeling inspired, remember to tag us in on any 2018- inspired purchases at @FishpoolsUK.