Certain interior design looks have dominated this year – none more so than navy. This rich, inky blue has an inherently sophisticated feel that oozes elegance, making it not only a timeless option but one that is endlessly versatile. In fact, this deep, saturated colour adds a layer of luxury to metallics, such as gold and brass, and a certain refinement to tactile textures like wood.


Up until recently, the shade had been more associated with fashion than interiors. Navy is a perennial favourite of designers who continually pledge allegiance to its elegant tones with each new season. And with the start of London Fashion Week just a few days away, it was only a matter of time before navy became the main event in interiors as well.


It’s hard to go wrong with navy, but the key to making it work is to look at your room size. Using a saturated colour from floor to ceiling may make a room feel smaller, so dark blue walls may not be for everybody. Instead, think about featuring the tone in certain areas – often lower areas of a room or standalone units will allow the colour to shine without swamping or sucking the light out of a space.


The Arezzo sofa, seen here in cream but available in dark navy, will make an instant impact and is a failsafe way of making your living room stand out. Designed with comfort in mind, the modular units also allow you to configure the combination to best suit your space. Try pairing it with lighter tones on the walls and complementing with this Element navy cushion.

Arezzo sofa

It’s so easy to lose yourself in the immersive quality of navy. The shade also binds incredibly well with other colours acting like a foundation for more vibrant tones. For navy bedroom ideas, this Ted Baker Entangled Enchantment range of bed linen captures the mood brilliantly with its floral and butterfly detailing brought to life by the deep navy backdrop.


If you don’t fancy going all out why not signal your intention with accenting. This approach is also a great way of dipping your toe in the water before committing to a trend. This tailored navy bedlinen set nods to the nautical theme with bold and contemporary navy detailing. Likewise, this Kylie cushion will add a final sophisticated flourish to looks, while being welcoming at the same time.


Tala Cushion

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