Throw out your Brilliant White paint, modern is getting a makeover. Minimalism has been the basis for contemporary design for some time but now it’s time to bring warmth and colour to your interiors. Clean lines are here to stay but think rich, earthy colours paired with dark materials and angular design. This creates true Nouveau Modern design.

The stunning Diablo sofa, above, features just the right look for a modern sofa, in a wonderfully rich colour. The smooth texture of the leather adds to the seamless appearance, allowing the brilliant hue to be the main feature – especially against a background of lush greenery!


The walnut finish of our Hayden coffee table brings yet more warmth to this look. Sleek stainless steel and glass finishes keep this trend relevant. Pair with unusual accessories and centrepieces for a true Nouveau Modern style.


Velvet is a great cushion choice for leather sofas, giving you a different, touchably soft texture to enjoy. Sharp greys, olives and yellows work well in this colour scheme, keeping with the earthy tones but also adding a burst of freshness.

nouveau modern

Nouveau Modern is all about having the freedom to not have to strictly adhere to any scheme. Mix things up by throwing in a traditional style rug, keeping it light and not overly heavy whilst still picking up on elements of the earthy colour palette.

nouveau modern

Accessories make a look and it’s no different with Nouveau Modern. Try picking up on the sharper colours in your colour scheme, such as the striking yellows and greens incorporated into the cushions on the sofa. Our Origami vase with some luscious foliage can be a great way of bringing this in to your room.


Will you be giving your home a Nouveau Modern refresh? If so, we’d love to see the transformation so be sure to tag @FishpoolsUK in your pictures!