With the summer months now sadly behind us, it’s time to start making our homes look cosy in time for the chill of autumn to set in. It’s goodbye to brighter colours and hello to earthy tones instead! We’ve picked out our favourite rugs for this month to help you embrace the new season.


Mehari Rug in 023/0128-3131

We love the strong tones used in this rug. Although perfectly muted for autumn, there’s still a strong sense of colour and playfulness that we can’t help but love. It’s great for grounding a bright room without making it look dreary or adding colour and pattern in a neutral hued space.


Da Vinci Rug in 057/0801-6223

You really can’t go wrong with a classic style and this option could not be more elegant if it tried. Brighten up rainy days with a little bit of grandeur thanks to this cream and black rug. It’s even made with yarn from Flanders, a traditional weaving centre, so it comes with a little history of its own.

Illusion Prism Rug Pink Multi

Illusion Prism Rug in Pink/Multi

Okay, so we haven’t completely ditched the bright colours just yet! This rug is great for transitioning from summer to autumn as it features both bright and muted colours. While you may have picked up on the pinks or greens during summer, now’s the time to shift your focus towards the purple, beiges and subtle blues instead.

cameo rugs

Cameo Rug in Pale Pistachio

This is the perfect earth toned rug for your home, thanks to the patchwork of colours and patterns. Delicate greens and beiges mix with leafy and traditional patterns to create a soft nod to nature. Pair with stripped back wood to really make the most of the colours! If you prefer your rugs with less green, take a look at it in Pinch of Cinnamon in the top image.


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