When it comes to redecorating any room, it’s often hard to know where to start. A great way to allow yourself to experiment is by creating a moodboard. Most retailers will offer samples and testers, many for free, so don’t be shy to ask if they’re not offered as these will form the base of your moodboard.

Fabric Samples

Once you’ve gathered a selection of fabrics, wallpapers and anything else that you think might come in handy, you can start putting together your ideas. Look at not only what colours work well together, but see how different textures interact with each other too.

Wallpaper Shot

Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three colour palettes, see how each performs in different areas of your room. Remember, how much light each area gets will affect the finished look of your samples so it’s important to know your scheme will work for your entire room.

Fabric + Sofa

Once your colour schemes have passed this test, it’s time to consider their compatibility with any furniture you will have in the room. Again, you should nearly always be able to get samples for any leather or fabric upholstered furniture such as sofas, chairs and beds so make sure to include these in your schemes. The same goes for flooring samples, too.


The final step to determining your new interior decor is to start selecting your accessories. Don’t worry about purchasing everything you’ll need, just select one or two pieces in the design and colour that you want to decide which of your colour palettes is going to work best for you.


If you don’t have a winner by now, it may be that you still haven’t found what you’re looking for – don’t be afraid to start over if you aren’t happy, it’s half the fun of redecorating! However, if you think you’ve found the one for you, go ahead with your design but stay open to new elements and ideas, just in case!


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