Feeling uninspired by your dining room? If you’re tired of sitting down to the same set-up every day, it’s time to switch things up. Here are some of our favourite contemporary dining room sets (like our Marbella range, pictured above, which is one of our absolute favs), with some tips and tricks to help you get inspired before your next interior project!

Mix up your seating

Nevada dining collectionRather than go for the typical uniform set-up of matching chairs, add in a stand-out piece – like a bench. So you don’t end up with something that looks more ‘disaster’ than ‘design’, make sure it fits with your existing table and chairs. Perhaps it’s crafted from a similar material, painted a complementary shade, or features a matching silhouette. Our Nevada Square dining collection features both traditional dining chairs and a gorgeous bench, finished in the same rustic style to create a unique look that doesn’t overwhelm the eye.

Play with colours

Pluto dining rangeIf your dining room features a neutral theme, add in bright pops of colour to energize the space. This could be as simple as a few well-placed cushions or a vibrant throw rug, like we’ve done with our Pluto dining range. You can also pick one accent colour to incorporate throughout with wall art, plants and other decorative accessories if the rainbow look isn’t your cup of tea.

Make a sideboard statement

Arlington dining rangeUse your sideboard to curate a mini collection as a focal point in the room. Otherwise, the blank space is prone to become the area where we dump things we aren’t quite sure what to do with (like mail, receipts, and other bits of household clutter). Like we’ve done with our Arlington dining range, we’ve used the sideboard to create a micro garden – which is incredibly easy to recreate! Add a few plants (real or faux – it’s up to you) and one or two decorative accessories like statues, vases or candles.

Add eye-catching lighting

Angara dining rangeChanging the lighting in your dining room – or any room for that matter! – can drastically transform the energy and feel of that space. You can add in a statement ceiling light, shown with our Angara dining collection, or a few floor lamps for a softer vibe.

Opt for a unique base

Artistico dining rangeIf you’re in the market for a new table, opt for something with an eye-catching base, like the beautifully twisted stand of our Artistico table range. This is an elegant yet functional way to play with design and give your dining room an interesting focal point.

A design refresh doesn’t have to take too much time or break the bank – even switching the layout or configuration of your dining room can revitalise a tired space. Happy decorating!