This Bank Holiday Monday is set to be an even better start to your week than just another day off work, as it’s the start of National BBQ Week. It’s something that has exploded in popularity in the past few years and is now all about gourmet cooking rather than burnt-on-the-outside-raw-in-the-middle sausages. And although we’re well on the way to getting the actual cooking down to a fine art (check out our Ultimate BBQ Guide here if you need some extra help!), it’s important to host your barbecue properly too.



Even with the most informal of social gatherings, it’s necessary to have somewhere to be able to rest and enjoy your food. Consider a sofa set such as our Naples corner group to provide ample space and a relaxed atmosphere to keep the conversation flowing. A dining set can work better for smaller family gatherings and the round table in our Margarita offering ensures no one feels left out.

FAM556 Ombre wine 2


We all know that the right drinks are a big part of a successful barbecue but go one step further and invest in some colourful glassware to really add to the occasion. Our set of 6 Lave Fame Ombré wine glasses are much more sophisticated than disposable cups and really help set the mood.


Go Faux

A perfectly manicured garden may seem like a no brainer when hosting a barbecue, but it’s something not all of us have the time to maintain. We may not be able to mow your lawn for you but we do have a great range of faux plants that can really bring your garden to life with minimal effort!


No Limits

The worst thing that can happen at a really good barbecue is that it ends too soon. Don’t let the sun dictate the length of your get together by investing in gorgeous lighting and a patio heater. Our LED Light Pulls come in a huge range of colours and are a great touch for your garden. You can also get a patio heater to match your furniture!


We’d love to see your barbecue-ready gardens. Let us know how you get on in the comments below or @FishpoolsUK.