For many of us, especially those living in London, the goal of owning our own home may still be a way off. Rental properties somewhat limit what we can do with interior design, as many landlords aren’t on board with major alterations like drilling into walls or painting. Decorating a rented space can be an enjoyable challenge. It gives us the opportunity to get creative with our décor using trendy furniture like statement rugs, printed cushions, well-placed tables and other accessories. Here are just a few fun ways to spruce up your flat or house with beautiful pieces that won’t leave a mark.


poppy leather snuggler chair

A few cosy cushions are an absolute must-have. Eye-catching florals, soft textures, even a pop of sparkle can draw the attention away from plain walls and add individuality to any room. This bright duo with tulip pattern livens up our gorgeous Poppy Snuggler Chair – an excellent range for smaller living or sitting rooms.


pizzaro corner sofa with rug

A strategically-placed rug can instantly make any room feel homelier and more inviting. Perfect for protecting your feet from freezing floors in the winter, rugs can also neatly cover any imperfections or inconsistencies (perhaps left by the previous tenant!). Opt for something bold: the gold diamond pattern on our Hackney rug perfectly complements the geometric scatter cushions on our Pizarro sofa to create a stand-out look.

Nest of tables

Stirling nest of tables

A nest of tables is an ideal addition to rented properties or rooms with limited dimensions. It’s an easy, fuss-free way to personalise a space and create extra table surface only when you need it. If you are restricted with what you can hang, use these tables to create your own tableaus with photos, plants and vases. The gorgeous contrast of the chrome finish legs and the glass top makes our Stirling nest of tables an artistic as well as practical addition to any room.


wire weave lamp

Select a quirky table or standing lamp to brighten up your flat. This stunning wire weave lamp has all the glamour and appeal of a chandelier without the required installation.


made to measure curtains and blinds

Last but certainly not least, swapping out the bland curtains that came with the flat is a unique way to transform the look and feel of a room. Even if the rest of the furniture is kept neutral, beautiful curtains can breathe new life into any room – and can act like hanging art when drawn closed! Check out our range of made-to-measure curtains for inspiration.

Living in a rented space doesn’t spell interior design doom. There are plenty of removable yet trendy furniture options to make the space your own – make sure you browse our extensive collection of home accessories and start decorating!

What’s your favourite way to decorate a rented flat? Let us know in the comments!