Garden rooms – small rooms, often a converted shed or garage, detached from the main house – are quickly becoming a popular fixture in our back garden greenery. Although constructing a garden room can be a bit of a project (especially if you want water, electricity, heating or an internet connection), once it’s finished, it can be an incredibly valuable addition to your property.

Rather than turning it back into the room where odds and ends slowly accumulate, your garden room can be a welcome retreat – even if it’s only at the other end of the garden.

Here are a few garden room ideas to get you inspired!

A study

A garden room is an ideal place to get work done: no fridge of food to distract you, no urge to channel surf, no family noise.

To create a beautifully minimal office area, keep the decoration simple and the colours neutral, as shown with our Lucan office chair.

home office

Equally, your garden room could be your tranquil haven, away from screens: this idea of creating an ‘anti-digital space’ is very on trend for 2017 – read more about this in our post here.


A guest room

The privacy and cosiness of a garden room means it’s also ideally suited to become a spare bedroom. Our gorgeous Lucy guest bed is actually two beds in one – a second mattress slides out from underneath, making this perfect for hosting during the holidays.

Lucy guest bed

Hooks, wall shelves and a well-placed blanket box add storage when a wardrobe or large chest of drawers isn’t really a practical option.

A hobby room

Whether you’re keen to take up painting or want to practice your Pilates in peace, your garden room gives you the space to explore a new hobby without worrying about making a mess in your home. Fill it with things that inspire you – a portrait, sculpture, a favourite quote or other decorative accessories.

For those living in listed properties or looking to add more space without moving, a garden room could be a fantastic solution, whatever you choose to do with it!