Thinking about summer while we’re still a month away from spring may seem a bit premature; however, that’s no reason not to start planning ahead. It’s been far too cosy indoors to even think about braving the freezing temperatures to tidy up outside, but as the temperatures thankfully warm up and the sun returns, it’s time to get excited for spring and summer.Naples Corner Set

Here’s a general timeline of garden planning ideas – everything from planting advice to outdoor furniture suggestions (like our Naples corner group, pictured) – to help you get your garden looking its most beautiful, well in time for your next barbecue or outdoor party!

What to do in February:garden shovel pexels

Take advantage of non-rainy days to do some planting! February is the perfect time to plant broad beans (which you can use to make a delicious risotto come May). This is also the time to plant bare root roses, which will ensure your garden’s bursting with colour in a few months’ time.

You can also start to prepare the soil for other veg and flowers: start weeding, trimming, and composting in fresh soil.

What to do in March:

March is the time to plant wildflowers, dahlias, marigolds, and sweet peas for dazzling colour. If you have a problem with pests like snails and slugs, now’s the time to put some natural deterrents in place: here’s an article from Veggie Gardener on some simple methods to protect your plants.

You can also plant garden herbs like dill, coriander, parsley, or chives in March as well.Mauritius corner sofa dining table

This is also the time to start eyeing up your garden furniture. If your outdoor setup is looking a bit worse for wear (and are beyond a bit of fresh paint and a good scrub), consider investing in some quality pieces – browse our selection of rattan garden furniture (like our Mauritius corner sofa set, pictured) for some al fresco inspiration. Available online right now and arriving in store on March 8th.

What to do in April:

If you want to bulk out your veg garden, now’s the time to sow artichokes, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage into prepared soil.

barbecue sausages pexels

April also is the time to clean out that barbecue: you want to make sure it’s ready, should you decide a last-minute bank holiday cook out on 1 May. Chances are it’s been sitting neglected since last summer, and will need a thorough polish before you cook on it. Here’s a video from Cleanopedia to help you get your barbecue shining again.

What do to in May:lawn mower pexels

Put on the finishing touches: give the deck a good wash, feed your lawn a healthy dose of fertiliser to get it looking emerald-green, get rid of any pesky weeds that are trying to make a comeback, and – if you don’t already have it – consider investing in some garden lighting. This will not only improve the overall safety of your home (no more fumbling about in the dark or tripping over errant garden hoses), it will create a lovely atmosphere for evening parties. Here’s an article from Ideal Home to get you inspired!

What to do in June:

Kick back and enjoy your blossoming paradise!