Like so many enduring designs, geometric patterns are once again trending in interiors this year.

This trend is all about balancing colours, prints, and textures so they all seamlessly enhance one another without overwhelming the viewer. The bold pattern on our Funk Chevron rug (pictured) is perfectly complemented by a minimal coffee table and neutral surrounding colours for a unique, modern look.plaza-accent-chairFrom colourful chequerboards to funky hexagons (as seen on our stunning Plaza accent chair), the geometric trend is the perfect way to energise your home’s décor. However you choose to experiment with this trend, you’re sure to find a range of fantastic pieces to fit any budget or style preference.

Here are just a few of our favourite ways to play with geometric shapes to get you inspired for the new a soft, playful vibe, try mixing simple geometric shapes with light wood accents – like we’ve done with our George guest bed (pictured). The combination of the gorgeous oak finish and the colourfully-patterned bed linen give the room a cheery feel, which is the ideal design solution to brighten rooms that perhaps don’t get as much natural light as you’d like!raffles-sofa-collectionGeometric patterns are also perfectly suited for amping up the drama in your interiors. This fearless look is pretty much the exact opposite of the previous one: use bold patterns, touchable textures, and rich colours together to create a luxurious atmosphere. The geometric cushions add depth to the velvet Raffles sofa, and coordinate effortlessly with the uniquely-patterned windows. Keep the colours to a select few – such as black and silver with a mustard-yellow accent – to avoid a frantic, cluttered monochrome colour palette is never not in style, but after a while it can start to feel a bit tired and you might want to freshen things up a little. Adding a geometric rug is a great way to breathe new life into your space without undertaking a huge home renovation project or completely changing the room’s theme. The charcoal grey of our geometric Artisan rug perfectly enhances the high-shine minimal aesthetic of our New York dining set. Don’t worry about exact matches either: having a slight variation between the tones keeps things from feeling unoriginal.copper-candle-holderGeometric patterns aren’t just for fabrics. Decorative accents (like our Metal Geometric candle holder), vases, picture frames, lamps, and other geometric home accessories are a unique way to express your creativity within this trend. Even geometric occasional tables, like our Atlas coffee table, can completely change a room’s look and feel.atlas coffee tableFor more on upcoming key trends, check out our brochure here for design tips and inspiration.