We may still be in the icy heart of winter, but the trends for Spring/Summer 2017 are coming in thick and fast. From tactile interiors to giving your home a cosy ‘time out’ feel, we’ve put together a handy guide to let you explore the varied and gorgeous styles 2017 will have to offer.

into the blue trend


Blue is a constant in our lives from the inky oceans, to the palest skies it describes both royal and blue-collar in the same tone.

Fashion Snoops Fashion Forecasters named Blue Ash as a key colour for Autumn Winter 2017/18, taking its inspiration from denim or chambray with a slight grey or washed out appearance.

Dulux has named Denim Drift and its supporting palette as the must-have colour of 2017, to reflect the sign of the times, to take a fresh look on life. “It’s a beautiful colour palette, which is on trend, simple to understand and yet so new, sophisticated and versatile. Blue is the colour of our every day. The sky above us. The clothes we wear. And as of this year, the colour to paint on our walls.”

Ever present in interiors, 2017 will see this moody blue with a hint of grey on furniture, walls and fabrics. Use this versatile shade from the living room to the bedroom, where it will exert a calming influence that makes it compatible with our other 2017 trend Time-Out.



Last year’s trend for all things marble and mineral will evolve with grey and travertine being joined by deeper shades of black and deep green for a luxury surface finish. Look out for agate-effect and marble wall papers and geology inspired accessories.

Emerging from last season’s trend for earthy copper colours, and inspired by Pantone colour Potter’s Clay, this season’s mood displays warmer undertones of terracotta, rust and chrome, inspired by the slips and glazes of the potters studio.

Already trending for 2017 is the return of terracotta which alongside materials like natural clay, stone, marble and mixed metal accents will be appearing in our homes. Warm hues will be an alternative to popular cool and white tones and will influence the colour and texture of carpets, vinyls and laminate flooring. Perfect for colder seasons, chrome oxide with its golden tones makes a spicy match for olive greens or Dulux’s Denim Drift bringing energy and warmth to an otherwise muted palette.

Geology will also continue to trend in 2017 with marble coffee tables topping the trend list for several years. The natural beauty of marble & travertine remain highly popular with the introduction of deeper tones like black and deep green and the jewel tones of agate accents. Marble-effect will influence wallpapers and flooring and even bathroom accessories bringing natural movement and style to these surfaces.



The incessant rise of the digital age finds us living in front of our smartphones or computer screens, meaning time for quiet contemplation has become a luxury. This has resulted in a demand for anti-digital personal space devoid of tech for a little time-out.

Whether it’s a tiny nook or a cosy cranny, we will seek to create havens of calm and tranquillity to escape to, even if it’s only for a short while.

Relaxed furniture and materials will be the order of the day. Deep squashy sofas & oversized love seats, heaped with comforting cushions and throws will encourage snoozing over scrolling. Daybeds, deep pile rugs and mood lighting are time-out must-haves.

Colours are calm with a less white and more neutral palette of greys and minerals? Our favourite is “Greige” the colour of the moment. Not as cold as grey or warm as brown, Greige blends the two for the perfect tone.

So retreat from the relentless rush of progress and take a deep breath cosseted in your own four walls. (Although you may want a sneaky look at the rest of our blog for a little inspiration – it’s relaxing we promise!)



This year, your home will be more than just the place you live, but somewhere tactile and organic that your senses can experience. Muddying the distinction between hard and soft surfaces, this seasons must-haves are all about touch.

With our Time-Out trend in mind we suggest that texture is the perfect remedy for fingers that spend all day swiping screens and tapping keyboards. Raw materials and imperfect finishes combine to ground us and take us back to basics. Floors and furniture use warm reclaimed woods with natural movement and knots adding nature’s depth and texture. Walls are wearing the latest in embossed patterns or 3D effects. Fur, wool, linen and leather are all touchably soft and inviting. Layers of cushions and chunky throws in these materials add richness and depth to your home. A simple weave effect pattern, a rattan place mat or a woven basket can hint towards this tactile trend.

Last year’s earth colours of rich copper, tan & claret continue to influence this trend for tactility.

So this year, don’t just look, indulge your desire to touch.



Prompted by our Catwalk to Casa post in December last year, the correlation between catwalk and interior fashion is evidenced by the galaxy inspired clothing on the catwalks, featuring stunning shimmering fabrics in deep inky tones conjuring up the night sky. Alexander McQueen’s magical otherworldly dresses, were embellished with glittering constellations and Julianne Moore wore shimmering midnight blue from Tom Ford at the Golden Globes

Cosmic’s dark mysterious colours like black and indigo make a dramatic backdrop for a bright, vivid colour palette inspired by exploding stars and the Aurora Borealis. Think shiny textures, glittery finishes and cool crystal. Evoking primal feelings, colours are purple, midnight blue and black shot through with acid greens, vibrant pinks and shimmering silver and gold.

This celestial inspiration is making its way into our homes with high impact metallic shades on bed linen and cushions plus glittering and light reflecting pictures and rugs. Lighting is also key, with a plethora of crystal encrusted LED creations to emulate this fantastical trend.


Look out for our “Get The Look” posts showing you how to achieve each individual trend – coming soon! And for a sneak preview click here to see our Key Trends 2017 E-Brochure.


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