From fashion to furnishings, geometrics are everywhere this season and are a great way to introduce a contemporary touch to your home. Whether you’re looking to go bold or prefer to add subtle glamour with soft tones, it’s time to embrace angles…

PICK YOUR COLOUR: Combining colour and pattern creates a statement look. Choose one or two key colours and offset them with neutral accents to make a powerful visual statement. Monochrome designs stand out while yellow is the current ‘hue du jour’ and works particularly well with geometrics, bringing a pop of sunshine to any space. Alternatively, use softer, pastel shades for a more feminine feel.

CHOOSE YOUR ANGLES: The look you create will very much depend on the lines and angles you pick. Curved lines give geometrics a retro twist, whereas sharper angles create a more modern edge.

PICK YOUR PIECES: Whether you choose to adorn your walls with geometric patterns or make a statement with upholstery and accessories this look will breath life into any space. Patterned cushions look great strewn across plain sofas or armchairs and a geometric rug sits perfectly within contemporary or traditional schemes.