Hand made in UK to exacting standards, the Kendal combines luxury with an affordable price tag! A design classic with a slightly scrolled arm which will make itself at home in any living room. Settle into this spacious sofa that is available in a range of high quality fabrics,  from neutral tones to tactile velvets. Available in a choice of 4 sofa sizes plus a corner option with matching chairs and footstools. With the additional option of depth seating, seat cushion, interior options and either feather or fibre filled back cushions to ensure your comfort is at the fore front. All models come with inclusive feather filled scatter cushions allowing you to sit back, relax and sink into a world of comfort.

Extra Large Sofa In Fabric - KendalExtra Large Sofa In Fabric - Kendal
Meteorite 06Turquoise 42Truffle 32
£2279.00 was £2,855.00
Large LHF Unit In Fabric - KendalLarge LHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Ecru 25Wedgwood 21Mocha 36
£2075.00 was £2,595.00

Large RHF Unit In Fabric - KendalLarge RHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Cedar Green-01Sage Green 51Pumpkin 66
£2075.00 was £2,595.00

Large Sofa In Fabric - KendalLarge Sofa In Fabric - Kendal
Honey 65Pistachio 67Forest Green 23
£2115.00 was £2,645.00

Large Armless Unit In Fabric - KendalLarge Armless Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Pebble 28Forest Green 23Blush
£1919.00 was £2,399.00
Medium Sofa In Fabric - KendalMedium Sofa In Fabric - Kendal
Ecru 25Rust 70Blue Grass 43
£1979.00 was £2,475.00

Medium RHF Unit In Fabric - KendalMedium RHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Chocolate 08Pewter 61Teal 22
£1915.00 was £2,395.00
Medium LHF Unit In Fabric - KendalMedium LHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Peacock 68Chiffon 45Pillarbox 31
£1915.00 was £2,395.00

Medium Armless Unit In Fabric - KendalMedium Armless Unit In Fabric - Kendal
White 15Regency Grey 24Blue 17
£1759.00 was £2,205.00

Small Sofa In Fabric - KendalSmall Sofa In Fabric - Kendal
White 15BlushPeacock 68
£1779.00 was £2,235.00

Small LHF Unit In Fabric - KendalSmall LHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Coral 59Wicker 19Pebble 28
£1729.00 was £2,165.00
Small RHF Unit In Fabric - KendalSmall RHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Wedgwood 21Rust 70Highland Green 69
£1729.00 was £2,165.00

RHF Chaise Unit In Fabric - KendalRHF Chaise Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Amethyst 26Blue Grass 43Blue 17
£1399.00 was £1,755.00
LHF Chaise Unit In Fabric - KendalLHF Chaise Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Mango 72Mocha 36Meteorite 06
£1399.00 was £1,755.00

Small Armless Unit In Fabric - KendalSmall Armless Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Storm 38Ecru 25Pumpkin 66
£1579.00 was £1,979.00

Snuggler In Fabric - KendalSnuggler In Fabric - Kendal
Tangerine 47Storm 38Heather 27
£1409.00 was £1,765.00

Single RHF Unit In Fabric - KendalSingle RHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Steel Grey 11Truffle 32Meteorite 06
£1299.00 was £1,625.00
Single LHF Unit In Fabric - KendalSingle LHF Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Concrete 62 Cadet 07Mango 72
£1299.00 was £1,625.00

Single Armless Unit In Fabric - KendalSingle Armless Unit In Fabric - Kendal
Deep Red 49Sage Green 51Ochre 60
£1225.00 was £1,535.00
Corner Unit In Fabric - KendalCorner Unit In Fabric - Kendal
French Grey 37Sage Green 51Latte 34
£1139.00 was £1,429.00

Chair In Fabric - KendalChair In Fabric - Kendal
Duck Egg 04Mushroom 41Concrete 62
£1079.00 was £1,355.00