Made in the UK to our exacting standards, the Infinity sofa collection is plump full of comfort and a welcome addition to any living room. Combining contemporary style on a grand scale with luxurious deep seat cushions and thick arm pads, the Infinity range balances laid-back comfort with eye-catching cool. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your home, including two, three and four seat sofas, as well as snuggler and standard armchairs. This collection also comes as a large corner group. Available in 15 different body fabrics with co-ordinating scatter cushions, the Infinity is a fantastic piece to add to your home.

Infinity - Large Corner GroupInfinity - Large Corner Group
B Dolce NougatB Luxor PewterB Dolce Pewter
£2999.00 was £3815.00
Infinity - Corner Group RHFInfinity - Corner Group RHF
B Luxor MarbleB Havana MarbleB Dolce Wisteria
£2649.00 was £3319.00

Infinity - Corner Group LHFInfinity - Corner Group LHF
B Havana FeatherB Luxor RubyB Dolce Onyx
£2649.00 was £3319.00

Infinity - Small Corner GroupInfinity - Small Corner Group
B Havana GargoyleB Havana TitaniumB Luxor Jasper
£2349.00 was £2939.00

Infinity - 4 Seat SofaInfinity - 4 Seat Sofa
B Havana SharkB Dolce WisteriaB Dolce Mink
£1299.00 was £1629.00
Infinity - 3 Seat SofaInfinity - 3 Seat Sofa
B Luxor RubyB Dolce OnyxB Dolce Amethyst
£1199.00 was £1499.00

Infinity - Large Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Large Sofa LHF Arm
B Dolce ShaleB Dolce MagnesiumB Havana Titanium
£1119.00 was £1399.00
Infinity - Large Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Large Sofa RHF Arm
B Dolce PrussianB Luxor AmethystB Dolce Artic
£1119.00 was £1399.00

Infinity - LHF Chaise SectionInfinity - LHF Chaise Section
B Havana GargoyleB Luxor GoldB Dolce Amethsyt
£1099.00 was £1379.00

Infinity - RHF Chaise SectionInfinity - RHF Chaise Section
B Luxor BasaltB Dolce MinkB Dolce Dew
£1099.00 was £1379.00

Infinity - Medium Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Medium Sofa LHF Arm
B Dolce MinkB Havana FeatherB Havana Kangaroo
£999.00 was £1255.00
Infinity - Medium Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Medium Sofa RHF Arm
B Luxor AmethystB Dolce MinkB Luxor Olivine
£999.00 was £1255.00

Infinity - 2 Seat SofaInfinity - 2 Seat Sofa
B Havana MushroomB Dolce ShaleB Havana Shark
£999.00 was £1295.00
Infinity - Snuggler ChairInfinity - Snuggler Chair
B Havana FeatherB Luxor AmethystB Dolce Pewter
£849.00 was £1069.00

Infinity - Corner SectionInfinity - Corner Section
B Luxor GoldB Luxor AmethystB Luxor Jasper
£849.00 was £1069.00

Infinity - Small Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Small Sofa LHF Arm
B Havana SharkB Dolce WoodlandB Havana Mushroom
£779.00 was £979.00

Infinity - Small Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Small Sofa RHF Arm
B Luxor OlivineB Dolce AmethsytB Luxor Burnish
£779.00 was £979.00
Infinity - ArmchairInfinity - Armchair
B Luxor BasaltB Havana SharkB Dolce Amethyst
£749.00 was £945.00

Infinity - Swivel ChairInfinity - Swivel Chair
B Dolce WisteriaB Dolce CobaltB Havana Feather
£749.00 was £945.00
Infinity - Petite Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Petite Sofa LHF Arm
B Dolce AmethystB Luxor AmethystB Dolce Shale
£735.00 was £919.00

Infinity - Petite Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Petite Sofa RHF Arm
B Dolce AmethsytB Luxor PewterB Dolce Artic
£735.00 was £919.00

Infinity - Mid SectionInfinity - Mid Section
B Dolce AmethystB Dolce PewterB Havana Silver
£669.00 was £839.00

Infinity - Petite Mid SectionInfinity - Petite Mid Section
B Luxor JasperB Havana FeatherB Dolce Cobalt
£625.00 was £785.00

Infinity - Large Storage StoolInfinity - Large Storage Stool
B Havana GargoyleB Havana TitaniumB Havana Kangaroo
£419.00 was £529.00
Infinity - Square Storage StoolInfinity - Square Storage Stool
B Havana FeatherB Havana PewterB Luxor Amethyst
£419.00 was £529.00

Infinity - Small Storage StoolInfinity - Small Storage Stool
B Dolce AmethystB Havana MushroomB Dolce Dew
£329.00 was £419.00