With its contemporary design and plush cosiness, the Infinity corner sofa collection will quickly become the star of your living room. Made in the UK to our high and exacting standards, the Infinity range has been fine-tuned to give you the most luxurious place to relax. Thick arm pads and cushions filled with high resilience foam offer a truly luxurious space to relax. Customisable from a selection of gorgeous fabrics, the Infinity corner group also comes in three sizes of standard sofa and two armchair models, all available with co-ordinating scatter cushions. For a range that perfectly balances style and substance, the Infinity is the one for you.

Infinity - Large Corner GroupInfinity - Large Corner Group
B Dolce WoodlandB Havana TitaniumB Dolce Cobalt
£3099.00 was £4,063.00
Infinity - Corner Group RHFInfinity - Corner Group RHF
B Dolce CobaltB Havana SilverB Dolce Onyx
£2799.00 was £3,623.00

Infinity - Corner Group LHFInfinity - Corner Group LHF
B Havana KangarooB Havana TitaniumB Havana Marble
£2799.00 was £3,623.00

Infinity - Small Corner GroupInfinity - Small Corner Group
B Havana KangarooB Dolce AmethsytB Dolce Nougat
£2499.00 was £3,183.00

Infinity - 4 Seat SofaInfinity - 4 Seat Sofa
B Havana PuttyB Dolce NougatB Havana Mushroom
£1349.00 was £1,715.00
Infinity - 3 Seat SofaInfinity - 3 Seat Sofa
B Dolce MagnesiumB Dolce PewterB Dolce Shale
£1249.00 was £1,575.00

Infinity - Large Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Large Sofa LHF Arm
B Havana PewterB Dolce MagnesiumB Dolce Prussian
£1169.00 was £1,469.00
Infinity - Large Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Large Sofa RHF Arm
B Dolce ShaleB Havana GargoyleB Dolce Magnesium
£1169.00 was £1,469.00

Infinity - RHF Chaise SectionInfinity - RHF Chaise Section
B Dolce DewB Dolce WisteriaB Dolce Magnesium
£1159.00 was £1,449.00

Infinity - LHF Chaise SectionInfinity - LHF Chaise Section
B Havana SilverB Dolce MinkB Dolce Magnesium
£1149.00 was £1,449.00

Infinity - 2 Seat SofaInfinity - 2 Seat Sofa
B Dolce MarbleB Havana MarbleB Dolce Nougat
£1099.00 was £1,375.00
Infinity - Medium Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Medium Sofa LHF Arm
B Havana MushroomB Dolce AmethystB Havana Gargoyle
£1049.00 was £1,319.00

Infinity - Medium Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Medium Sofa RHF Arm
B Dolce PewterB Dolce MarbleB Dolce Nougat
£1049.00 was £1,319.00
Infinity - Snuggler ChairInfinity - Snuggler Chair
B Havana FeatherB Havana PuttyB Dolce Nougat
£899.00 was £1,125.00

Infinity - Corner SectionInfinity - Corner Section
B Havana SilverB Dolce MinkB Havana Mushroom
£899.00 was £1,125.00

Infinity - Small Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Small Sofa LHF Arm
B Havana MushroomB Dolce PrussianB Havana Marble
£819.00 was £1,029.00

Infinity - Small Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Small Sofa RHF Arm
B Havana GargoyleB Havana SharkB Havana Kangaroo
£819.00 was £1,029.00
Infinity - ArmchairInfinity - Armchair
B Dolce WoodlandB Havana FeatherB Dolce Shale
£799.00 was £999.00

Infinity - Swivel ChairInfinity - Swivel Chair
B Havana GargoyleB Dolce MarbleB Dolce Shale
£799.00 was £999.00
Infinity - Petite Sofa LHF ArmInfinity - Petite Sofa LHF Arm
B Havana PewterB Havana KangarooB Havana Putty
£769.00 was £965.00

Infinity - Petite Sofa RHF ArmInfinity - Petite Sofa RHF Arm
B Havana MarbleB Dolce MinkB Dolce Prussian
£769.00 was £965.00

Infinity - Mid SectionInfinity - Mid Section
B Dolce NougatB Havana FeatherB Havana Titanium
£699.00 was £885.00

Infinity - Petite Mid SectionInfinity - Petite Mid Section
B Dolce CobaltB Dolce PrussianB Dolce Woodland
£659.00 was £825.00

Infinity - Large Storage StoolInfinity - Large Storage Stool
B Havana PewterB Dolce PrussianB Havana Silver
£449.00 was £565.00
Infinity - Square Storage StoolInfinity - Square Storage Stool
B Dolce WisteriaB Dolce ArticB Dolce Marble
£445.00 was £559.00

Infinity - Small Storage StoolInfinity - Small Storage Stool
B Havana MushroomB Dolce DewB Havana Kangaroo
£349.00 was £445.00