The Imola fabric sofa collection is adorned with luxurious comfort and the utmost support. Power or manual recliners are available in different sizes, and finished in a swish fabric, to provide you with great flexibility. Stunning corner sofas, like the Imola Corner Group with Manual Recliners in Fabric, offer sumptuous relaxation without having to compromise on space. Discover the Imola sofa collection to create an ideal lounging day for all the family to enjoy. 

Imola - 3 Seat Sofa In FabricImola - 3 Seat Sofa In Fabric
BLJ-16 GreyBLJ-112 Burnt OrangeMAD-08 Pacific Blue
£649.00 was £825.00

Imola - 2 Seat Sofa In FabricImola - 2 Seat Sofa In Fabric
BLJ-22 Dove GreySkyland-40 Wild DoveSkyland-48 Moss Green
£619.00 was £785.00

Imola - Armchair In FabricImola - Armchair In Fabric
BLJ-112 Burnt OrangeSkyland-40 Wild DoveBLJ-16 Grey
£419.00 was £529.00

Generic Footstool - Footstool
NC-975D Turquoise BlueNC-156E FrostNC-862C Bisque
£325.00 was £409.00