The Hendrix sofa collection is unapologetically luxurious and boasts eye-catching glamour in every fibre. With a range of sizes, colour options and compositions, it’s a sleek and stylish choice that can elevate any living room space.

The unforgettable aesthetics demand attention, making a bold and contemporary statement, while clever design features ensure this range delivers when it comes to both comfort and style. Hand studded detailing, pintuck buttoning on the trim, and matching feet colour options mean that its audacious styling is finished with finesse. It’s a showstopper of a sofa range that offers all the support you need.

4 Corner 4 Group - Hendrix4 Corner 4 Group - Hendrix
Dapple MoleskinDapple OysterDapple Silver
£2799.00 was £3,615.00
4 Corner 1 Group - Hendrix4 Corner 1 Group - Hendrix IN STOCK

1 Corner 4 Group - Hendrix1 Corner 4 Group - Hendrix
Dapple MoleskinDapple ChocolateDapple Silver
£2599.00 was £3,249.00

4 Seat Sofa - Hendrix4 Seat Sofa - Hendrix
Dapple ChocolateDapple OysterDapple Moleskin
£1549.00 was £1,945.00

3 Seat Sofa - Hendrix3 Seat Sofa - Hendrix
Dapple OysterDapple MoleskinDapple Chocolate
£1199.00 was £1,499.00
2 Seat Sofa - Hendrix2 Seat Sofa - Hendrix
Dapple MoleskinDapple OysterDapple Silver
£1149.00 was £1,445.00

Snuggler - HendrixSnuggler - Hendrix
Dapple MoleskinDapple ChocolateDapple Oyster
£899.00 was £1,135.00
Chair - HendrixChair - Hendrix
Dapple ChocolateDapple SilverDapple Oyster
£819.00 was £1,025.00